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    Fox ESS LV2600 48v batteries

    I'd stay away from that specific battery. I've just had issues with mine. Used with a Kodak inverter. Supplier support (Segensolar) also slow and not very helpful. Can't comment on the online store.
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    Chinese Tablet Buyers Guide.

    So if I chose FedEx they'll add customs?
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    Under pressure: I use my entire salary on transport and have to beg for food

    What is poor in your view? Are you wealthy? For someone who posts sheit 24/7 on this forum, you sound like a bum living in your mum's basement.
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    Under pressure: I use my entire salary on transport and have to beg for food

    How do you know she voted for the current government in power?
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    Two months in Disney+ still has major problems in South Africa

    I am still unsure why I am getting Disney+ for free. I signed up on launch day and have not once subscribed, yet I'm able access all the content. My subscription keeps saying it's expires on the day, but never does.
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    Have you guys ever experienced that a payment went through but was not marked as paid when the callback happened?
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    Kodak Inverter

    I don't have panels. My output source priority is set to USB and charge source priority is set to utilty and solar.
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    Chinese Tablet Buyers Guide.

    Is it safe to order from sunsky-online?
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    Nvidia 4070 Ti leaked specs promise better performance than 3090 Ti

    Make sure to upgrade your psu at the same time.
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    Closing oil refineries could spell good news for South Africa

    Our fuel is trash. Yep. A lot of the German performance cars in SA are running a detuned software version to accommodate our crappy fuel.
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    Bed in a box?

    Probably had our sloom just over 3 years now. Still happy. Bought one of my kids the meelu and actually prefer it over the sloom.
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    Kodak Inverter

    Nothing should be discharging it. I've played with most settings and it keeps doing it. Battery was sent back for testing and came back ok. Here is a log of the behavior if you want to have look...
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    Kodak Inverter

    I also have a Kodak inverter and for some reason my battery will discharge to 95% then charge back up to 100. Rinse repeat. This cycle happens twice an hour. The suppliers are useless when it comes to support. Any ideas?
  14. A - scam or legit?

    It's simple really. Any solar or e-commerce store registered using is the same po$s. Check the domain here; If the registrar is it's the same mofo.
  15. A - scam or legit?

    All these new flyby solar online stores use the same registrar There are a ton. They all somewhat share the same content etc.
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    Unmasking a new Bitcoin scam in South Africa Genesis Mining spin off. Promising big daily payouts. Need an invitation to join, but I've seen the so called "miners" that can be purchased.
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    3 big changes FNB customers can expect in the next few months – including eBucks

    They didn't allocate smart budget and credit status points for July on my side. Dropped to level 4.