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    Import Duty - Cricket Bat

    Hi Guys I want to import a bat or two from India. I really tried my best but can't seem to find the correct code on the tariff list. Would really appreciate it if someone could be kind enough to help me out. Let's work on a price of around 40,000 INR Thanks a lot!
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    TCP vs UDP in Applications

    Hi Guys I always start my threads with "I know very little about networking", however...I like to tinker about and learn as I go along. Question... How do I know whether an application sends traffic through the TCP or UDP protocol? I am specifically curious to know whether the MT4 Trading...
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    Two wallets on one platform

    Hi Guys New to the Crypto space. Currently using GreenAddress Green wallet on Android and in the process of purchasing a Ledger Nano X Just a quick question if I may and for illustrative purposes, I'm using the following as example, please note NOTHING illegal will be done I am simply...
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    3G/4G Modem/Router <-> VPN <-> Laptop Setup

    Hi Guys, please help me out...I really know very little about networking. I want to have a secure connection between my laptop and my 3G/4G Modem/Router Before I start, just three things... 1. The connection must be provided by a 3G/4G Modem/Router 2. VPN MUST be on the Router or Access Point...
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    3g/4g Router: Huawei B311 vs TP Link TL-MR100

    Hi Guys Please assist me... My mother stays in a remote town and signal aren't always the best. She recently got a Vodacom data bundle and need to get a 3G/4G WiFi Router. Which one is better between the two listed below? I guess better antenna/reception is more important in this case then...
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    Maintenance Lawyer - Pretoria

    Hi Guys/Girls Except for the obvious Google search and reading of reviews, can anyone suggest a good maintenance lawyer in the Pretoria area? As far as I understand only a maintenance agreement must be drawn up (Two kids, a two-year-old boy and one-year-old girl), no divorce (not married) nor...
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    Last Will & Testament: Question regarding Executor

    Hi guys/girls I know there are a couple of threads on this topic but I can't seem to find an answer to my question. I am willing to pay for a proper law firm to draw up my Last Will and Testament (Obviously) What I am not willing to do is for them to act as Executor, some with rates touching...
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    Afrihost/Openserve additional cabling cost

    Hi Guys Openserve is doing my Fibre install tomorrow. (Chose Afrihost as ISP) As far as I can tell they cover the first 8 meters and additional cabling is for my account. Please note there is absolutely no digging or anything to be done. I just need to decide how to route the cable and where...
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    How can I test CellC LTE

    Hi guys Since the 30th of May my Rain LTE service has gone to sh*t at home and work. Completely unusable, not exaggerating... Gmail, Online Banking etc timing out. Tried to resolve via Afrihost and Rain to no avail. I would like to test CellC in my area. Can I just buy a prepaid Sim and pop it...
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    R1m VAT threshold

    Will the R1m VAT threshold ever be lifted? As far as I can tell VAT threshold in the UK is amended on a yearly basis. We've been sitting on R1m since like forever. Any input or comments?
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    Hisense TV won't connect to WiFi

    Hi guys Please try and help me out. My cousin is trying to connect his TV to his WiFi network without success. Devices... 1. Hisense 50a6100uw TV 2. Tenda N300 F3 Router 3. Android Phone (S8 or S9) 4. Windows Laptop Scenario 1. Both Phone and Laptop connect to the Router but the TV times...
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    Electrician Somerset West

    Hi Forumites Can anyone PLEASE recommend me an electrician in the Somerset West area please. Dealt with a few and the one is worse than the other. I have a plug circuit that is tripping the Earth Leakage and I can't seem to find any appliances that are plugged in. If I recall it happened...