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  1. blunt

    Sonoff geyser control + temperature sensor

    Has anyone fitted a sonoff + temperature probe to their geyser? I've ordered a new sonoff th origin + temperature probe I was wondering if anyone has fitted one of these TH sonoffs to their geyser and if so, do you...
  2. blunt

    Routers with advanced networking capabilities

    hi all I have a Mikrotik and I know it can do all of the below, but I am interested in finding out if any other manufacturers can do all of the below - I assume Ubiquiti can (can it?), what about TP Link / D-Link / other consumer routers? Not interested in Cisco and not interested in setting...
  3. blunt

    Back on Windows after quite a long hiatus - what are some good necessities?

    Is windows defender sufficient for an antivirus/malware tool? What tools are good for things like ping / traceroute / mtr etc. Any special settings I need to do to get the most out of my network? I recall seeing posts about people needing to update tcp settings and whatwhat I know I can...
  4. blunt

    Bank Zero

    Anyone signed up? I like to test stuff out so I got the invite today and when trying to get an OTP I missed the message about removing myself from the DNC list and by the time I did see it and remove myself it says I can't send anymore otps. I must say I am incredibly underwhelmed at the...
  5. blunt

    COJ SMS's - Unsubscribe

    So I got a new MTN SIM I am using for AH data and the number was obviously recycled and now I'm getting CoJ sms's "COJ invites you to virtual Debt Rehabilitation mtgs...etc" - no opt-out. Ironically I got a new number for my data sim because my old one was flooded with debt collector sms's. I...
  6. blunt

    Is this a network tower or something else?

    In the spirit of "Tiny tower spotted" I figured I'd ask this here. Saw a lot of these driving around Melkbosstrand. What are they?
  7. blunt affiliate payouts

    Anyone had success with these guys? I've got R1100 odd affiliate commission from referring various clients to them and requested a payout on 1st Nov. They asked for my bank details which I provided, on the 2nd of Nov they confirmed and said it would take 30 days to process. 24th Nov rolls...
  8. blunt

    Paying off home loan or keeping it at a 0 balance

    Anyone done this? As far as I understand (eg - with FNB), if you pay your HL to 0.00 balance the bank stops debit orders and interest charges and just charges you the R57 account fee per month (or whatever your account fee is). It seems the best idea is to keep it at 0.00 just in case you need...
  9. blunt

    FNB connect SIM slow data

    I've got a strange issue with my FNB connect SIM. I use it as my primary SIM and get 500mb free a month due to my rewards so I'd like to stay. A few months ago I noticed my Speedtests would be getting maximum around 5 down and always no more than 0.15 up if it doesn't time out. My wife has an...
  10. blunt

    FNB Secure Chat (Premier)

    So I've been a fan of Premier over Private due to Private Banker's communication being generally really slow in my experience a few years back. Premier helpdesk used to be good at getting back to emails within a day. Since they introduced "Secure Chat" it's become a nightmare. Pre Covid I used...
  11. blunt

    MWEB Fibre on Openserve

    Anyone use them? Thinking of giving them a try
  12. blunt

    Mybroadband App Notification tab not updating

    Since 25 Mar the notifications area on my Android app isn't updating when someone mentions me or sends me a message. I have notifications enabled, have reinstalled and signed out and in but still nothing. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Visiting the web site the notifications bell...
  13. blunt

    African Bank Fixed Deposit 10.75% pa - Thoughts?

    Anyone got one of these? It's a good rate for a no risk fixed deposit but that is the question - they seem to be doing better but would you trust it considering their past? Assuming you have already got money in stocks, offshore and you want a low risk interest bearing account to put some money...
  14. blunt

    Smart (2.4ghz) non-cloud based water meter?

    Anyone know of one? Would be nice to track usage and potentially shut off water supply via api/mqtt
  15. blunt

    Problems flashing Sonoff Basic

    Wonder if anyone can help I have a Sonoff Basic ("RF R2 POWER V1.0") which I've hooked up to the FTDI adapter (3.3v, GND to GND, TX to RX, RX to TX). If I just plug it in to the USB port it boots up like a regular sonoff, LED flashes etc. I then unplug the USB, hold down the black button on the...
  16. blunt

    Covering a generator to protect from rain

    I have purchased a generator and have a place outside under the eaves of the roof that I'd like to put it. Does anyone have a generator already installed outdoors and what do you do when it's raining? This will be shielded from most of it but not all of it (rain).
  17. blunt

    WhatsApp Web/Desktop keeps saying phone not connected when locked

    Anyone else have this issue? It happens some days and some days not. - Allow background data is allowed yes - Allow app while Data saver on yes - Allow background activity (Battery) enabled - Optimise battery usage: Not optimised It's an S10E on Android 10, also happened when it was running...
  18. blunt

    Analyst - There isn't a single reason to keep your investments in SA Question, since I can't seem to comment on the article, there are ETF's like S&P 500 / MSCI US etc. that are in rands but invested in offshore assets - are these valid...
  19. blunt

    OpenServe Cape Town using Pure Fibre - some tests please!

    Anyone on OS CPT using Pure Fibre? If I may have a few minutes of your time it would be greatly appreciated. I'd like you to do a few traceroutes + pings for me if possible... (& Where in CPT are you?) (I know CF is now routing international)
  20. blunt

    Afrihost down?

    Mobile data down, Fibre down (colleague uses them on Vuma), website down.. seems serious.