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    F1 22

    Anyone looking to get this game for the new 2022 season? I am.....Xbox Series S....
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    Gripens over Cape Town

    I just saw three Gripens fly in formation over Cape Town, I guess for tomorrow's SONA. It made me think of the days when we still had airshows at Ysterplaat. I used to go to all of them, it was so cool to see those jets fly. I guess these days airshows are a thing of the past?
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    Pulling my hair out with cell c fibre!!!!

    Since thursday post loadshedding I am unable to connect on cell c fibre. I have used all my airtime holding on at call centres with no success. Please is there anyone from cell c on this forum who can help me! Everything runs off wifi and I cant do anything. Desperate!!!!
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    Mi Box Google Cast

    Hoping someone could help me with the following: Bought and installed a Mi Box over the weekend, and everything works 100%. Only issue I have is if I try to google cast from my phone on Amazon Prime (due to the app not being available) I only get audio and no video?? Casting anything else works...