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    What's the smallest V8 (new car)?

    In terms of car dimension. Are there any V6s around?
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    Looking for a good bicycle mechanic/workshop

    Preferably Randburg area. I've never heard anything good about Cycle Lab service and my experience with Linden cycles was mediocre. I had a really good guy for a while but pandemic shut him down and I can't get hold of him :( I don't have an expensive bicycle but I still want it well serviced.
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    New credit card worked in one store wouldn't work at supermarket. Whose problem is this?

    Mine? ffs. I can't deal with these banks any more. The new card (as in went straight from receiving at branch to store) worked at dischem fine, but tried a couple of machines at woolworths and they all briefly flashed Processing before returning to default screen (didn't get to PIN). Tapping...
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    What trading platforms do you guys use?

    Which exchanges are least fuss and most reliable atm?
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    Question for tenants on private properties

    If there's a gardener who maintains the property do you give something for xmas? This is my first year end at current abode, and I usually do give something this time of year but I'm wondering if that's necessary or expected? tbh mostly because I think this guy kinda sucks at his job, he made...
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    Giving up a child in SA

    Has anyone here been through something like this? How did it go? (it's not for me, but I know someone who is sadly hopelessly unable to cope financially)