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    Twilight, Meet The Vuvuzela. 2 wrongs... And another
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    Facebook post aborts army raid

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    Semenya faces gender probe

    Looks like a guy...
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    Officials race in mayor's car

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    Is your brain working today?

    Close your eyes and lift one foot off the ground. The longer you can stand on one leg without falling, the better your brain is functioning. "It requires balance, which is integrated in the brain, and cerebellar function, which tells you where your limbs are in space," says Dr Michael...
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    Jack McCollough gets a head butt from Kiefer Sutherland

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    SA declares cholera emergency

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    VISA vs Mastercard

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    Somalian pirates at it again.

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    Buy American. I am. By Warren E. Buffett

    Thought I'd just post this here for the 1 or 2 people interested in this sort of thing. :)
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    Xbox - Tiger woods golf.

    So now I'm looking for a sports game and thinking of getting a golf one. Which version is the most arcade-like? ---- ie, just play and don't have to spend too much time tinkering around. Just been reading the boxes from TW 06, 07 and 08 and not interested in "advanced" tinkering ability...
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    XBox racing game

    Looking for a decent one, there seems to be may out there. The ones I liked from my pc days were Star Wars pod racer and Need for speed 2 (NFS's after that I didn't like). Don't like building, pimping and modding cars, just want a racing game where I can just race. Don't want to have to...
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    SAA shortage ups accident fears

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