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    Vodacom - Vanishing Deals

    Has anyone else encountered mystery deals from Vodacom? I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade - I have been watching their online shop for months now, shocked by the absolute rubbish they are pushing out on 24 month contracts at the R300 pricepoint. So, this deal pops up, good phone, good...
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    Free to Use Routers

    Hi chaps, I keep seeing *Free to use WIFI router next to the fibre offerings going around... first spotted it with the LTE options but never paid much attention (LTE was slower than my 8mb adsl). What I cannot find is clarity on what this means, for example: - Is it yours after 12/24 months; -...
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    Vodacom - Harder to get rid of than an STD

    So, my cellphone contract (R149 a month) expired 4 months ago, Vodacom never let me know this happened and have been charging me R500 a month at what they now call the "Normal Price" for 2gb of data per month. I made sure the contract was properly cancelled at the beginning of Sep, at the end of...