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    Afrihost False advertising : free installation free - NOT!

    Because Afrihost is my service provider - and they are the middle man. I am not dealing directly with Metro Fibre. I am going on what I was offered by Afrihost. Free installation. But apparently its not that simple!
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    Afrihost False advertising : free installation free - NOT!

    Moved home, booked a new fibre installation with Afrihost expecting “award winning awesome service”. Met with Metro Fibre to install the day before, only to be told I have to accept the fibre in the place it already is in our new home. What!? In the smallest bedroom with no space to move I have...
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    UPS help to choose

    Hi, with all the loadshedding need a UPS to keep fibre on and 2-3 laptops powered up for work. Not sure what specs to look for, are all UPS pretty much the same? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Shopify store Facebook ads payment

    Can anyone help please: I am unable to pay for my Facebook ads with a Capitec debit card. Capitec have “blocked” Facebook due to fraud. Paypal is not an option from SA. Have contacted Facebook their customer service is hopeless. Does anyone have experience with this that can give me advice? Thanks!