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    Looking for a particular set of skills - IT Risk

    Job description Our Transformation Confidence capability is focussed on protecting our clients' investments as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. We provide independent check and challenge in order to proactively identify and highlight risk in their change programmes. As a...
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    BMW owners - any of you fitted a Chinese MMI unit?

    I've switched to an older model and would like Carplay again. Have any of you successfully fitted one of the Bimmertech/Unichip/Aliexpress MMI boxes for Android or Carplay? What model have you installed it in and what series of iDrive do you have? Are there any fitment centres in Jhb or Pta...
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    Samsung TV - fibre optic output

    Any of you running a recent Samsung TV and running the optical output for audio? There seems to be a known issue with this setup and certain sources. For instance, it works with YouTube, but not Netflix and Prime. Any pointers? I've tried this (long-winded solution) and it hasn't worked...
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    Dire fibre speed - Webafrica. Any tips?

    I have a Vumatel Aerial Fibre 20/2Mbps Uncapped package which is currently averaging between 1 and 2 Mbps. Router has been reset. No services are running and no additional devices attached when running the tests. A support ticket has been logged which is nearing 48hrs with no response. Any...
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    Least bad new contract option?

    Budget around 500-1000 smackers on 24 month contract. Not too concerned about the phone it comes with as it will be relegated to burner status, as I'll be porting the contract sim to my current iPhone which is on prepaid. Needs to be relatively new and decent though - maybe something like a P30...