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    Yoyo Dylan_G So it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Today was the first “rainy” day we experienced with more that 8 hours of rain scattered through the day. But every other day was 2 hours rain at most and it dried within an hour. Spent 5 hours in the ocean yesterday ( and got...
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    Definitely more quiet than I have ever seen it. Lots of places closed down. Covid hit them hard. If you see the Thai people when no one is around you can see the sadness (so being a bit mindful goes a long way). Although I will concede that it is low season. But that said, they are gearing up...
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    Will do as we get a break from all this chilling [emoji41][emoji907]
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    Just the flights. Use and google for accommodation and transport. But I traveled a fair amount so I am a bit confident, might be easier to use them for the whole trip if it’s your first time.
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    They do work with no issues, just maybe a tiny bit more admin. Got flight to Bangkok for 11k, exact same flight on Emirates website was 17 k. Sitting on a beach in Phuket right now
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    Where to deposit savings?

    Tried that... turns out she's not into leather :confused:
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    Where to deposit savings?

    I agree with you, had it that way for a while - but the Holiday savings is now a joint account with the GF so prefer to keep it seperate from teh rest of my assets. Just cleaner that way for now
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    Where to deposit savings?

    How long do you plan on continuing this saving pattern? that should play a role as to the savings vehicle you move to. I would only suggest moving to a different platform (maybe guaranteed type product from Insurance company) if you plan to save the same way for 5 years or more. If your time...
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    Lord of the Rings Online

    Hobbit bump before reset day tomorrow
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    Lord of the Rings Online

    Much like Gandalfs epic necro, i breath life into this thread! Avid lotro player of the last few years and wanted to see if anyone around here is too? Will bump periodically :)
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    Wedding Suit

    The suit from tidy tuks will set you back 5-6k. But really good work. The choice of pattern is sometimes limited but not bad at all.
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    More skilled South Africans are moving to the Netherlands

    I recently had an offer from there. The tax break is really significant if you are a skilled worker.
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    The Workout and Fitness Thread

    Good question. I tend to be mostly in the middle but as I reach max weight I do move my grip very slightly inwards as you described. Together with wrist wraps it helps stability. But i only got there after trying alternatives which feel right (make sure you have a spot to help)
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    Should the matric results be published?

    I say Yes. Mostly because of my opinion that adolecents have a lot going on in their lives and the "peer pressure" of knowing their efforts will be made public will incentivise putting in more time to achieve better results. If it isnt published there is a subset of students (immature) who will...
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    SAVINGS Account

    Just an alternative option which I use for saving. I open a low fee account account with any bank and only deposit money one way ( I cut the card immediately and don’t make any beneficiaries). And then only use it when. Need to purchase what ever the goal is. I’m not too concerned about...
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    Shaving blade

    Second this, shave is not as close as a razor but it has a great build and quality. Battery also last pretty long. Good purchase of you are maintaining a bread regularly
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    Should employers be allowed to implement vaccine mandates?

    also repost from @ajax
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    Should employers be allowed to implement vaccine mandates?

    Sure they can implement whatever rules they like. Dont like it, move to another position. oh wait.....
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    Best business bank account?

    subbed and bump