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    Do you have a second job/side hustle to supplement your income?

    Buy his book on how to make money?
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    The "world's smallest full HD spy camera" tested

    "Excellent to use as a hidden camera if you have the permission for it." This is a bit contradictory. Why hide it then?
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    WhatsApp pushes back on proposed UK and EU laws to scan messages for CSAM

    The one moment it is not secure enough and then it is too secure?
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    The ANC's spectrum policy includes a government mobile network

    Just another failed SOE. After it was cleaned out by our dear respected ANC cadres. The current SOEs are all bankrupt, nothing to steal anymore. O yes, let's start a new one.
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    Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video must be regulated - ANC

    They are totally uninformed idiots.
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    What's the best way to park?

    Very few get that
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    South Africa's emergency power plan leaked - report

    Standard ANC modus operandi. Create a crisis and then use it to bypass all governance protocols and start pocketing big time.
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    Security vulnerability on SABC TV Licence website lets attackers see and change profile data

    Another day, another breach of a useless government service.
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    Is forming a second Eskom a viable solution to the country’s energy problems?

    Tenderpreneurs waiting for the big paycheck?
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    Eskom gives South Africa first load-shedding break in weeks from midnight to 05:00

    Well said. Who cares! I need power from 6h00 to 22h00. That will make an impact for me.
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    What needs to change with South Africa's new driver's licence cards - OUTA and AA

    Your drivers license used to be pasted in your ID book. Only needed one document.
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    Competition Commission recommending huge ecommerce changes in South Africa

    Mind blown! Is the way that search results not the default internationally? What about Bing? Don't they push paid adds?
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    WhatsApp boss warns about fake versions of the Android app

    Well, if you are so stupid do install software that is not certified, you should not complain. And funny thing is, it is the same people that get conned over and over again. They don't learn.
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    SABC's plan to replace TV licences with a tax - and make MultiChoice collect it

    Yes, don't even have DSTV anymore. Stream8ng everything that I watch.
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    FPB bans children under 10 playing games unsupervised - and gives online video age restriction guidelines

    But it is ok to teach primary school children detailed sex, masturbation etc.?
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    Will the new NHI improve healthcare?

    No!!! But will definitely enrich a lot of ANC members and their cronies.
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    SABC's plan to replace TV licences with a tax - and make MultiChoice collect it

    But the shops ask for your TV License when buying a TV - Paying cash.
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    SABC's plan to replace TV licences with a tax - and make MultiChoice collect it

    How do they buy a new TV without a license?