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    Is Afrihost now officially useless?

    I originally signed up with Afrihost for home Internet to insulate me from Telkom but Telkom got so bad that I switched to another ISP who provided a direct wireless link (no fibre where I live). Now I just use Afrihost for my cell phones because I would rather deal with them than MTN or one of...
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    phone keeps reverting to MTN APN

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo (2016) that I bought from and the MTN SIM I bought from the local MTN shop keeps reverting to the MTN APN setting, which I can’t delete or edit. I put the same SIM in an iPhone and it didn’t have the problem. I tried turning off auto updates in...
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    good tuner - amp fpr LG digital TV, DSTV

    My old JVC tuner-amp is starting to give up the ghost and it would be nice to get something that plays nice with all my equipment. I have a reasonably new LG TV with 2x HDMI as well as the usual analogue inputs. I also have a PlayStation, Mac and iPod that connect to all this. What I would...
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    iMac struggles with WiFi

    I have a reasonably new iMac that I bought in Australia about a year back before moving back to SA and it really battles with WiFi. I thought the Linksys box I was given here may be faulty so I swapped it out for a Billion (both ADSL + ethernet + WiFi), and it's no better. I'm sitting right next...
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    iPod and Hyundai i30

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum because it could also be a car issue but my Hyundai i30 has suddenly stopped recognising my iPod (4th generation; according to the manual it should work), after it worked fine for months. Possibly a connected issue: the FM radio had weird issues while...
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    HDMI computer screen for DSTV?

    A computer dealer suggested to me that a computer screen with HDMI in should work for DSTV HD. That seems to me a little too easy an option. Is there some catch? Has anyone tried this? It makes logical sense since the PVR / STB contain receivers and HDMI in to a TV screen works for using the...