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    Huawei B618 [S]

    You got specific model nr for it (goes to which bands it supports (and so whom to look at for connectivity))?
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    Lenovo Ideapad 100s - can hard drive be upgraded?

    Well yes, micro, but get a good (as in fast write speed) one.
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    Lenovo Ideapad 100s - can hard drive be upgraded?

    While you can't change the existing storage you can augment it - jack a decent size (64 is specified by Lenovo but I've seen, on a Lenovo forum support thread that 128 works), qualitay SD card (id est don't cheap out here, you're already on a hiding to nothing as it is) in there, and then get...
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    SSD cable / bracket for Dell Precision 3541

    Plug your service tag nr in at PARTSpeople and see if anything crops up there. Also, besides SPL (and as much as I am loath to mention them), there is also PartServe as for a last-ditch attempt. Also, does yours in fact support M.2 anyway?
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    COVID-19 memes (including @Coronachan)

    Usually called the subnet mask but basically yes/close enough for government purposes.
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    Pause for a moment and snap a quick pic - The Mobile Photography Thread

    Cat actually stayed still for a change!
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    Android Media Player

    Well HD Cabling have the MeCool KM9 Pro for less than your per-device budget so there's that (not affiliated with them, have bought only once from them so far), and I (or, to be honest, several others here) could source the Xiaomi Mi Box S for a little less than that too (seems there's that...
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    2 POE switches

    Sure, knock yourself out (the equipment will be fine). Longer answer: assuming (and no reason not to) standard, and more than likely 802.3af switches and phones, power gets activated only after a successful handshake between a source device (the switch), and a client - in this case a phone. The...