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    South Africa's plan to add extra grid power quickly and end load-shedding

    Wow! so the cANCer has an "Energy Crisis Committee". What have they being doing for these 10 plus years?
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    The ANC's spectrum policy includes a government mobile network

    I think that you are being pretty kind in your response. I could think of worse things to call them.
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    Ramaphosa's Eskom rescue plan means the power utility might have to ask for a higher tariff increase

    Yip! the cANCer was handed the State Owned Enterprises’ on a silver platter. Now look what has happened to them, all fscked. Now the cANCer want to start a NHI, more wasted tax payers money. The cANCer couldn’t even orgy-nize a fsck in a whore house.
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    Solidarity promises legal action against Eskom's R938 fee for 0kWh users

    Good reply, just what I was thinking. Bunch of fscking clowns.
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    Eskom reportedly asks Nersa for 32.66% tariff increase

    They are cANCer voters, they are excluded.
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    Analogue TV switch-off delay interfering with South Africa's 5G rollouts

    "The final date for the analogue switch-off will be announced after September 2022". I have it on good authority that the analogue switch off will be 2050. :)
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    Gordhan says police are tackling "coal mafia" in Mpumalanga

    If De Ruyter is booted out of ESKOM we are fscket.
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    Pig hearts transplanted into dead people on ventilators

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    Zuma faction wants Andre de Ruyter gone

    Getting rid of De Ruyter would put ESKOM deeper into the K@K. While he has been at Eskom’s helm, load-shedding in South Africa may have worsened substantially, that’s because he was put in charge of a sinking ship. I pity the day if they get rid of him then there is no hope for ESKOM. I wouldn’t...
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    South Africa's first smartphone manufacturer gets a second chance

    I really hope that this all works out, especially when it comes to creating more jobs.
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    Eskom to increase load-shedding to Stage 4 on Sunday evening

    What do these morons mean. "The power utility warned that it would still take a few weeks for the power generation system to normalise". Does that mean that we stay on one stage and not jump around from one stage to another? :)
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    Minister announces new analogue switch-off plan after ConCourt loss

    Now they say the new date for South Africa’s analogue switch-off will be “announced” after September 2022. I recon analogue switch off will be 2030.
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    Canal+ increases MultiChoice stake to over 20%

    I must admit, although I don’t like them, MultiChoice is a well-run company. It’s a pity that the SABC can’t follow suit.
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    Eskom says it is running out of replacement transformer and substation components

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    New data shows Eskom repairs are struggling

    I wish!!!!! :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: