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    Interest Rate Hike

    And just like that things got more expensive...
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    Which handgun do you recommend for EDC?

    Whats your opinion on the Rattler vs the Daniels Supertuck?
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    Shengen Visa - How to?

    I found the place i used last time: Is this still a recommended route?
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    Shengen Visa - How to?

    We planning on traveling to Spain in August, and need to get my Shengen sorted. The last time i did it was in 2015, so cant remember the process :( Could someone give some guidance on it? Maybe routes they used?
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    More than $200 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in a day

    So true, i remember that spike in Covid-19 in 2018 /s
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    Synology NAS reviewers needed - You get to keep the device!

    I would definitely be keen to review it. My father in law has a different brand of NAS, so would be great to compare.
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    RGB lighting for kids room

    I use these for my daughters room. They work really well. Also, ive used one of these in the past and it worked well, just not as bright as above.
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    Sending a parcel overseas

    I think its called Cilift. Its an anti-depressant
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    Sending a parcel overseas

    fair point i guess.. It is 12 months worth (24 boxes) and at the current rate of R4200 for the delivery, im not sure i can put any more in that package to hide it between. lols
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    Sending a parcel overseas

    I didnt realise this was an option. So i already have all the meds dispensed and here with me. :( All good. Thanks Scott not declaring the meds? Surely they will open it at customs and confiscate them?
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    Sending a parcel overseas

    its not drugs in the common sense. Its a prescription anti depressant thats not available there. My brother immigrated there a few years back, and he needs these sent to him every year :( @ScottulusMaximus , something you can help with? Edit to add: The signed doctors prescription will be...
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    Sending a parcel overseas

    Hey Everyone. Im looking to send a parcel to Wellington, NZ. Does anyone have recommendations on a service to use? Parcel is about the size of a shoebox. Its some meds (With a prescription) and clothing. The quotes ive gotten from the likes of DHL have been crazy high (4k +) Thanks a mil
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    le Creuset

    Looking at buying a few of these pots/pans. Do you guys recommend the Cast Iron, Enamel, Toughened Non-Stick or Stainless? And any recommendations on pot and pan sizes that would cover multiple scenarios?
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    The official running thread™

    Its a really great route. Super tough, but getting to the top of that hill is such a rush! you feel like you can conquer the world.
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    Home Assistant : Q&A, Tips & Tricks, Your Configs

    If you are going the zigbee route, i highly recommend using zigbee2mqtt Slightly more diy, but sure works a treat and has been super stable for myself. And on the plus, no chinese hub calling home all the time.
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    Two big changes planned for South Africa in 2022: Ramaphosa

    This makes my blood boil... sheesh...
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    Humidifier for child

    We have one of these and they work quite well. Especially with our little one had a dry cough, it helped her sleep. I do recommend leaving it on the auto setting, as we accidentally let it on the manual setting and we could barely see our daughter when we went into the room the next day...