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    Charley Lewis elected Icasa acting chair

    a doctorate in universal service in SA is an excellent start
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    "We can't leave South Africa's fate in the hands of profit-driven network operators"

    not really (although yes in the sense of using something you dont have a licence to use) - bigger issue is giving the licence to someone who is not going to use it efficiently
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    Fear of 5G and cellphone towers fades in SA

    take care,The%20batteries%20belong%20to%20Vodacom.
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    Terms and conditions reading length compared - Telkom vs Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Rain

    ...and how many laws and regulations have to be complied with
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    Give us frequencies reserved for national cellular network - SA mobile operators

    Cell C should try and pay for the last bit of spectrum they bought first.....
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    Internet censorship law - Film and Publications Amendment Act - went live today

    good post. also - ISPs in most instances prohibited from looking at content (RICA) - this is an incredibly badly drafted piece of legislation, parts of which are undoubtably unconstitutional and parts just practically unworkable - the film and publication board has not the expertise, budget or...
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    Apple will not launch Private Relay in South Africa or China

    assented to by the President, date of commencement not yet set so not in force
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    Apple will not launch Private Relay in South Africa or China

    no, that is not finalised yet - meant to be by the end of March 22 but wont be
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    Apple will not launch Private Relay in South Africa or China

    No....that is not in force and not relevant
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    Ramaphosa directs SIU to investigate suspect Telkom deals since 2006 - including Multi-Links

    Cyril: hey Telkom, stop your nonsense with the spectrum litigation.... Telkom: nah mate Cyril:....
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    Data demand is peaking, but ICASA still wants to take emergency spectrum away

    hey Boss, can you ask ICASA exactly how much the operators are paying for this temporary spectrum please
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    ISP black ownership should be incentivised with a carrot, not a whip

    cue Pavlonian response.... article is factually incorrect in terms of deadlines - there is currently no deadline for compliance with the requirement to have 30% ownership by black people (the obligation has been suspended pending process that need to happen with the department of trade...
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    Uncertainty over .ZA as ZADNA gives notice to the ZACR

    high probability this is the correct take
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    Vumatel cuts off Fibrestream, helping clients find a new ISP

    you are more intelligent than this
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    SpaceX must have 30% black ownership to launch Starlink in South Africa – ICASA

    I agree, but this is mitigated here by most small businesses will have one or more class licences. If you have a class licence and t/over less than R10m pa then these regs dont affect you (the requirement that you have a level 4 contributor status is satisfied if you are an exempt micro-enterprise).