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  1. Elax

    Android box got BVN

    My parents watched BVN on DSTV till it got cancelled, and are now using a laptop next to the tv, which for them is not an ideal solution (Late 70s). I want to look at getting them an android box that I can install BVN on. Is anybody here using a box already with BVN, or which one would be...
  2. Elax

    USB to HDMI

    I recently bough a usb type c hub with usb ports as well as a hdmi port from takealot, to add a second external screen to my laptop. Windows did not pick it up at all, so I returned the thing. Does anybody have a suggestion of which adapter would work?
  3. Elax

    Cheaper xbox live gold codes?

    Hi, December last year I bought my xbox live gold 12 month gold code on a local website, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  4. Elax

    Upgrade from S4 to ?

    Hi, My upgrade is due, and I've been through the S2 up to the S4. The obvious choice would be the S5, but there are now other Android phones out there that might offer a better deal for the next two years. I'm currently looking at the HTC One M8 and the Sony Experia Z3. The Sony looks...
  5. Elax

    License renewal notice never received

    Hi, My wife's car is licensed in Pretoria, but we work in Midrand/Edenvale. We never received the notice. Can one get the renewal done at a Ekurhuleni/Midrand licensing office and what would be required?
  6. Elax

    SQL Server query

    Hi, I've recently started work at a new company which has a product running on with ms sql server as the back end 98% of all business logic sits inside stored procedures, with mainly handling the UI. This I'm fine with, even if I hadn't previously done much with stored...
  7. Elax

    TV Worth repairing

    Hi, I've got an approx 4 year old Sony Bravia, which after switching on, just brightens up, and distorts all the colours. For example, the built in radio, which is black background with white letters, brightens the background to white, with the letters almost reversing. XBMC Confluence scheme...
  8. Elax

    Chinese ipad lookalike android tablet

    Hi, A friend of mine bought a tablet in china that runs Android. This doesn't want to boot however. Does anyone know where I can get the roms to flash one of them back into life?
  9. Elax

    Looking for eSata cable

    Hi, I've been to a couple of incredible connections, and New World in Menlyn Park Pretoria, but they don't seem to have. Anyone know where I can find one around Edenvale on the East Rand or Pretoria area?
  10. Elax

    Connecting to private news servers on mWeb

    Hi, A couple of the products we use at the office utilize news servers for customer support. I can't reliably connect to these when working from home. Is there a way to get past this?
  11. Elax

    Mweb 4Mb upgrade query

    Hi, I recently upgraded my mweb from 512k uncapped to 4mb uncapped. I noticed this morning that I'm now syncing at 8mb down and 1mb up, with no crc errors :), but my mweb package is still shown as 512k on my account home page at mweb. I suppose that as soon as that changes, I should be...
  12. Elax

    GPS apps

    Hi, Till recently I've been using Nav4all on my SE c702 cell with built-in gps. They've quit now however, and I was wondering what other apps are out there that are comparable. I've used AmazeGPS before, but wasn't happy with the screen staying lit. I don't know if the current version does...