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    Replacing Sennheiser Earphones.

    Morning guys, For Christmas I got a pair of Sennheiser MX470 earphones. They're one of the best pairs I've ever used but the problem is they tend to give me a headache after about 10 minutes of listening. I noticed that since my last pair of earphones (Phillips SHE1501) I can't listen to any...
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    Best Beginner's SLR

    Hey guys, What is the best beginner's all round SLR camera? In relation to performance, affordability, lens affordability? I'm thinking of taking photojournalism next year and I'll need the equipment. Thanks!!
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    Shiny New Build: Need opinions!

    Hi guys, This has been a long time coming!! Glad I finally have the finances to go ahead with it. I'm looking to build a new PC in the following few weeks as my P4's legs are almost gone. Budget is around R6000-R7000 tops, with about R2000-R3000 for the monitor, kb & mouse, headphones and...