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  1. dadecoza

    Rain and storm for Cpt

    We are not used to thunder like that! Now it is raining lekker in Kraaibak with some thunder in the distance.
  2. dadecoza

    Do you think the Metaverse will be successful?

    You will require some sort of headset for the Metaverse. VodacomVerse was just an example to explain that you will be able to move seamlessly between companies on a single platform (the one Facebook is trying to develop). You will be able to get the same service as from a webform / chat window...
  3. dadecoza

    Do you think the Metaverse will be successful?

    Yesterday I watched this video and it changed my mind, I think that the Metaverse might be successful. I didn't realize the idea behind the metaverse is that it will be decentralized and be built from loads of service providers same as the current internet, it might even be called Web 3.0...
  4. dadecoza

    Does the end of Google's free G Suite affect you?

    I only use G Suite for email on my personal domain. I also have cheap hosting with 1-Grid (I think I got it when it was still Serve, and then Webafrica and now 1-Grid) so will probably move my email there.
  5. dadecoza

    Google kills legacy G Suite free tier

    I received the email this morning. :crying:
  6. dadecoza

    Google kills legacy G Suite free tier

    I haven't received the email yet, but have been on the free account for over a decade, It will suck to move and explain to my wife why she can no longer use the Gmail web interface. urgh and a lot of my google services like Youtube etc. is linked to my GMail account on my personal domain and now...
  7. dadecoza

    Do you have any interesting hobbies?

    Electronics (mostly Arduino) and vintage computers.
  8. dadecoza

    DSTV employees

    I'm one of those random people. :)
  9. dadecoza

    Have you returned to the office?

    Hybrid ... I'm supposed to be at the office twice a week.
  10. dadecoza

    How do you "cope" with the blackouts?

    I have one of those cheapy R300 inverters that I connect to my car battery and then run a weed-eater extension cord from the garage into the house to plug in my routers. We also make sure the laptops/phones/tablets are charged. After load-shedding I put a charger on the car battery.
  11. dadecoza

    Vintage Computers

    The last couple of weeks I messed around a lot with ZX81 computers. :love:
  12. dadecoza

    Vintage Computers

    It will be in good hands with @jannievanzyl ! I have seen some of the Spectravideos he were able to bring back to life!
  13. dadecoza

    Electricity thief kingpin arrested not bad. :mad: EDIT: added screenshot for those without facebook.
  14. dadecoza

    Software Developer vs Software Engineer

    where I come from it is ... i += 1
  15. dadecoza

    Software Developer vs Software Engineer

    I really don't like the term "Software Engineer", it feels pretentious. My job title in the corporate directory is "Software Engineer", but my email signature and when I introduce myself in meetings I always say "Software Developer".
  16. dadecoza

    Your Raspberry Pi Projects

    Over the long weekend I messed around with some old pagers.
  17. dadecoza

    Work from home. What does the company provide?

    We were allowed to take our monitor and chair home. There is no financial assistance but the savings on petrol is great. EDIT: We do get a mifi router with zero rated APN to our corporate network.
  18. dadecoza

    What 5-year-old tyres will do to your insurance claim

    Wha What is wrong with OUTsurance?
  19. dadecoza

    Rain and storm for Cpt

    View from my desk.
  20. dadecoza

    It's storming like crazy in Cape Town

    I know we have the other thread ... but it really is storming like crazy!