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  1. eddief1

    Vodacom roaming activation while abroad

    Hi all, I am sure this had been asked before but maybe someone can help. A friend of mine is overseas and is desperate to activate roaming to get a OTP. What are the options - he has spent thousands holding for agents using is overseas number, getting dropped, etc. - basically out of options...
  2. eddief1

    ABSA blocking Etoro debit/credit card deposit

    Hi All. I was recently told banks will be blocking debit/credit card deposits for Retail investors on certain platforms, this to my knowledge is because of Crypto purchases. but I dont buy crypto and now I cant deposit - I guess someone like myself is just collateral damage?
  3. eddief1

    F1 TV

    Anyone else struggling with F1TV? I have been trying to signup since friday and am greeted with a spinning wheel. Anyone actually using it to watch F1?