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    solar generation projects

    Has anyone had any experience with a company called "solar generation projects" from durban? Looking at using them to install a small solar setup, but wanted to check if they legit before paying a deposit.
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    contract with decent phone and tablet

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a contract with a decent smartphone and tablet. Do you know of any such deals? I want it to be as part of a single deal, not looking at taking out 2 separate contracts
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    Life insurance and Riots/Civil unrest

    Discovery told me that Riots/Civil unrest is not covered. I am just curious how a life insurer can even be allowed to not cover you under these circumstances. I can understand maybe if you are actively participating in the riot/unrest, then sure, but what if you a bystander and get caught in the...
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    FNB tap-to-pay not working

    Is anyone else having issues with FNB tap-to-pay? I keep getting the error "system currently unavailable", but this has been for almost a week now. Have not used this method in a very long time, so not sure whether its something on my side or an fnb issue?
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    bitcoin/alt purchases

    are there any online stores that allow for payment via bitcoin or other alts? I read an old article that takealot allowed this, but does not seem to be the case any more
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    Absa fixed deposit - 13% interest

    I heard this on the radio and it seems a little unbelievable, as other banks are offering rates around half that. According to the website its a limited special offer. Does that mean you only earn that rate for a set period or does it apply to the lifespan of the account? Anyone have any more...
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    cat5e/cat6 shielded cable

    I am looking for a 100m roll of cat5e/cat6 shielded cable in the Durban area. Anyone got any suggestions of places I can get this at a reasonable price quickly?
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    netflix on roku will not connect

    I have unotelly setup and netflix works fine on the PC, but fails miserably on the roku 2. I keep getting the error "Netflix services experienced and internal error. Please try again later" I usually have to go through these errors a few times before it starts working, but today it just...
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    1/2Mbps Afrihost business vs telkom business

    I am currently with Afrihost business and have no problems with them, in fact its probably 1 of the best uncapped services available. My main concern now is the cost and the speed upgrades. Would rather have a 2Mb line than a 1Mb for the same price :) From the sounds of it, it does not seem...
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    Windows 8 freezing at logo screen

    Ok, just thought I would try and see if anyone here can help me with this. I recently installed an update to VS2012 desktop edition(free) and it caused my system to freeze/stop at the blue logo screen. I tried going into safe mode to restore to a point before the update, and while the restore...
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    extended warranty - motorvaps

    I am considering getting an extended warranty for my car from motorvaps, but can't find much on the company and was hoping I can get some info from the forum about this company, i.e. your previous experiences
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    Cell C data only lasts 1 month??

    Just loaded 100MB on 10 Jan and noticed today that I have nothing left, even though a few days ago I had over 30MB left. Does cell c data on pre-paid only last for the 1 month??
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    hitachi hard drive warranty period

    I am trying to find out what the warranty period on a 1TB hitachi HDD that is giving me problems. I purchased it in 2010 and it was manufactured in mar 2010 and from their website it seems to indicate the drive has a valid warranty to mar 2013(but south africa is not listed as a country, so I...
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    matador tyres

    looking for these tyres as they seem have good reviews, but cant seem to find them in the durban area. Anyone know where I can find these tyres??
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    Power outage for more than 48 hours and muni has no answers!!

    Got no power for over 48 hours and the ethekwini municipality does not seem bothered at all .... no one ever knows whats happening or can even provide anything more than "its being dealt with" The buggers did not eve log a fault the first 2 times I called and said it was already begin looked...
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    Outsurance R400 rip-off!!

    I saw the billboard with this promotion, that if they do not beat your current premium, they will pay you R400. So I entered all the details on the website and the agent called me. Went through the whole spiel and eventually got a qoute at least 3 times my current premium, then the guys says...
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    solar geyser advice - renusolar

    I am considering putting in a solar geyser and so far I have been advised to put in a 240L system. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with renusolar as I cannot find any reviews on them and wanted to check that their system is going to last as well as save on electricity. Also, are...
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    SABC looking to IPTV??

    Just heard an ad on the radio about an SABC tender for an IPTV system. Anybody have any ideas on what this may be?? They said something about a 36 channel system, that must be expandable .... so curious to see what the SABC are trying to do here!! they also mentioned the DTT as part of it...
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    MTN calls going directly to voicemail

    I was just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?? More and more I am getting people telling me that they tried calling me, but my phone never rang. Just today my wife tried to call me and it kept going straight to voicemail. she called from a telkom landline, cellc phone and even...
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    Cheque card vs Credit Card??

    Is there really any difference (once you take the credit out of the equation) ?? Does the credit card offer more protection in terms of refunds for non-delivery,etc.?? or do they offer the same protection?? I am considering getting rid of the credit card for the cheque card, but would like to...