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  1. Tpex

    Huawei Want to charge me 5k to fix a phone worth 4.5k new...

    (P30 Lite, dual sim) Surely this can't be right? Would love to hear any suggestions
  2. Tpex

    How much is SA Customs going to charge me?

    Hi all, I need to import some intake manifolds for my bike, I'm busy weighing up the options on where to ship from, but I can't find a clearly what South African customs department will charge me over and above, does anybody have experience with this?
  3. Tpex

    How to get all channels through 2.1 speakers

    I recently Got some 2.1 speakers from Esquire (The Divoom Morro 221) 2x 5 watts for the satellites and 15 watts for the sub. It took me a while to get them working properly, the right satellite didn't want to produce any sound, but some twisting of the plug got it right :/ but still they won't...
  4. Tpex

    I know the difference between "Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrolls" Petition

    Zenimax/Bethesda are suing Mojang for using the title "Scrolls" for an upcoming video game, Zenimax/Bethesda claim that it is copyright infringement, and that consumers can not tell the difference between "The Elder Scrolls" and "Scrolls." By Signing this petition you state that you can tell...
  5. Tpex

    Buying a domain from Uniforum

    Can anybody tell me what the correct procedure for buying a domain from uniforum is? I sent an application maybe about a month ago, and received too emails back, one stating that there was no entry in the name severs and two that I had got the telephone number format wrong, so 2 weeks ago...
  6. Tpex

    Internet Should be Free?

    I read the article about Canada's capping and it go me thinking: All in all the WWW is one big network of cables and switches, the only cost involved for a network is maintenance, just like our roads and highways. The selling of bandwidth is just a way to capitalize on a never ending source...
  7. Tpex

    Freelancer Discover Mod (MMO)

    The best mod for Freelancer is available, which turn turns it into a bit of an MMO, Anybody plays this? I have been playing on the Discvery 24/7 server :D linkys (main site) (forum) (wiki)
  8. Tpex

    4chan DDoS Takes Down MPAA and Anti-Piracy Websites HAHA good old 4chan! :D
  9. Tpex

    Wow players and their bastardised English! :(

    I know this hasn't come up in other threads but after what I just read I have to share it! The MMO players of today are really trying their best to destroy this great language of ours. What the hell language is this? This was posted on WoW and Wow threads. Do you know how Impossible it...
  10. Tpex

    The Thread

    This is a thread so all the people interested in talking and asking questions about can do so without any problems No Anti-Piracy BS allowed
  11. Tpex

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Multiplayer Thread

    So WebAfrica is Hosting a Wolfenstein ET game on their freezone servers, Anybody want to play?
  12. Tpex

    Overclocking Info please?

    SO I'm tired of my CPU being the bottle neck of my system, I want to make that bottle neck a bit wider... LOL I have a Intel Celeron D 2.8Ghz according to CPU-Z also a Intel Celeron 336 My motherboard is an ASUS P5KPL-AM-SE. Now I have tired overclocking it before a few years back, but...
  13. Tpex


    A Ctrl-Alt_delete comic from 05/02/2005
  14. Tpex

    Miktar's Meanderings Online

    For those who enjoy reading Miktar's Meanderings , here they are online! :D
  15. Tpex

    Flashing Nashua Router?

    Has Anybody successfully flashed the Locked Nashua Router (Billion 5200G R4) with unlocked firmware?
  16. Tpex

    Will consoles turn into PCs?

    Looking at the Xbox360 and PS3 when they came out they had all these nice features..... all the features that PCs had for ever, but none the less (this isn't that kind of thread) and with each update software/firmware update they get more and more PC functionality, Now consider how technology as...
  17. Tpex

    Why Uncapped? (ISP reps read this)

    In the past month we have seen uncapped get cheaper from a few ISPs, Now its been said that people who have uncapped tend to milk it for as much as possible, some using close to a Tb because they have to pay so much So On a 384 Line you get about 50KB/s you could only download about 123.6Gb...
  18. Tpex

    catalyst control center wont start :(

    I have XP Pro SP3 and I downloaded the latest ATI drivers (9.11 I think) And now CCC won't start :( Help please?
  19. Tpex

    ATI overdrive

    Ok so got myself a HD4650 a few days ago, and I've noticed CCC comes with something called overdrive, had some bad memories with overclocking so I left it, was playing oblivion on full and I noticed the fan speed up.... So I check CCC again and see that overdrive has been enabled, but now eird...
  20. Tpex

    How Do I know what ATI Card this is?

    Ok today I brought a Powercolour ATI HD4650 512mb, so I stuck it in my PC, installed it, and its shows up as "HD4600 series" I then saw it has 1GB of vram! SO I checked the box again 512, checked the sticker on the card AX4650 512, Now this is my problem, If they got mixed up at the factory...