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    Cape town December to do list

    So i have few buddies coming down in December one is a veg/vegan guy they like they alcohol but they coming to CPT for like 4 days now i know the normal tourist places and stuff they looking to do wine farms or somewhere nice we went to spier last time anywhere else they can do and what...

    Bald to "Zero" Hair

    Hello almal So i have been cutting my hair with the machine for a while now going 0 i tried shaving once and it hurt for few days what do you guys suggest and what oils do you use on your head and is it fine as i read somewhere oils sometimes hurt the skin

    CPA - private sale

    hello all whats the CPA with a private sale bought a bakkie about 2 months ago and noticed a small oil leak but never bothered today i took the bakkie to a mechanic to check a pedal sensor issue and he says the pedal was changed so seems like there was an issue with it does the cPA cover...

    Fireplace or braai Wood

    Hello juan and almal Whats the best wood you use for a fireplace and one that can be used for braaing someone told me to use black wattle also whats the prices you guys pay. im in CPT and its around R1.30-R1.40 a piece

    Phone Upgrade

    So i have a p10 i have been using for almost 4 years and the phone works fine obviously not the greatest pics and stuff compared to new phones but for me the battery still lasts a good few hours if not in use and with heavy use it charges up quickly now i only want to budget around R300 a...

    Mitsubishi Triton 2010 3.2did 4*4

    Anyone or a friend or family that has one ? Is it a good reliable car ? Anything to look out for ?

    Black Friday Purchase

    Hello all so buddy bought a tv off the voda app on BF now the tv is having issues we dont have any invoices from voda how do you get one ?

    Network Switch

    Hi all So i have a 25mb fibre line i got the guys to run lan cables through the house so i have about 7 at the moment What switch will work best do i need a gigabit or a nornal 10-100 10 port switch will work fine

    Merc ML 350 After Market Plan

    So another buddy of mine has a 2012/2013 ML 350 He wants to add on one of those maintenance service plans What is a good option and how much is it ? He said he has service from Merc and after that the services were from merc approved places Is it worth it also or not cause i know some of...

    TV - Budget R5k

    Hello all I am looking for a decent TV for the kids room a 40-46" TV should be fine Tafelberg has this for R4500 what are my other options

    Looking for a part - Merc Air Suspension

    Anyone know where i can get this in JHB or CPT and does anyone know if you can buy from amazon ?

    Off the grid - Electricity

    Hello all so with loadshedding and Eskom increases im thinking about going solar anyone do this to they house ? came across this ad on facebook i assume we use between 10-20kwh per day anyone experience this during winter ? does the numbers drop big time (shorter hours) any...

    Ebucks For Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): 58000 Ebucks (R5800) Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Need Money Price: R6800 Negotiable: Maybe Location: Cape Town Shipping or collection: Concluded via PM Please PM me and Ebucks can be transferred once the...

    Repo cars for sale in south Africa - FB Page

    So i came across this page on facebook and called the guy now i know its most likely 99% a scam anyone come across this or used this some of the deals

    Another Car thread

    So just sold my X3 was costing me an arm and a leg to maintain so had to get rid of it Looking for a double cab bakkie toyotas are very nice but overpriced whats the next best Budget around 150k and also i dont like fords ..they say they break too much

    Im leaving....

    going to make me some lunch what should i make ?

    Tablet recommendations

    Hi all Looking around for a nice decent 10" tablet came across this one my budget is around 4k kid will use it for school any other suggestions ?

    Chinese Medicine/Clinic Durban Area

    Hi all, a friend is looking for a chinese clinic in durban to do accupucture and cupping Is there anyone you can refer ? Anyone knows a Dr Shamsa ?

    Ipad stuck on 9.3.5

    Hello all, I got an ipad from a friend and its stuck on 9.3.5 it says ipad up to date how can i get it to a later version or do something that can work Only need some apps for the kids such as youtube and some games and netflix

    Boston Primary or Excelsior primary

    Morning all, Does anyone have kids that are in one of these schools or have been ? Which one would be a better choice I have heared boston is quite good