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    Ramaphosa to address the nation on energy crisis
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    Anyone for tennis ?

    I popped in over the past few weeks to see any comments on Wimbledon - zip ! Unless I'm blind, the last mention of tennis was months ago. Does nobody follow tennis anymore ?
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    DStv could soon change its password sharing rules
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    Baleka Mbete: ANC needs cleansing ceremony to appease troubled ancestors
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    Eastern Cape winter initiations: 8 dead, 8 arrested, 21 cases and 68 illegal schools discovered
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    Mmusi Maimane slams Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla for comparing Thuli Madonsela to a gorilla
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    South Africans over the age of 50 are eligible for a second Covid-19 booster shot
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    Adobe Reader auto-update to x64 - Easyfile

    For some unknown reason, Easyfile only works with Adobe Reader x32 and not x64. But Adobe in its wisdom says stuff you, I'm going to delete x32 and just replace it with x64 without consent of any kind. I uninstall x64, replace with x32 and the client can work for the day before Adobe does its...
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    Government a step closer to ending state of disaster: Phaahla
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    State of the Nation Address 2022

    God bless Africa. Good night.
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    Oscar 2022 nominations.
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    I'm stumped - anyone who has dealt with this ?

    I have a user in one of the companies we support that randomly gets this problem on her laptop. The Win 10 laptop is less than 6 months old and high spec. All updates and driver updates are there. Task Manager shows no excessive cpu or memory usage. There is no pattern, this will just happen...
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    Pfizer booster shots.

    I had my second Pfizer shot on 3 July 2021 which means I'm eligible for the booster today. Not surprisingly, details are scarce - are we supposed to wait for an sms, or just wander off to your nearest vax centre ?
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    ‘If you’re found loitering after midnight on New Year’s Day you’ll be arrested,’ warns Bheki Cele
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    Standard Bank, Old Mutual to make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory
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    Can you identify this Dell spare part

    Was left over after a repair.... no idea where it lives.
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    The IPL of rugby - World 12s - will revolutionise the game, says Jake White
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    Government is making changes to roads in South Africa in a bid to create more jobs