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    iPhone 4 owners report fewer dropped calls than iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 4 owners happy, 3GS owners were happier
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    Stay away from the iPhone

    :rolleyes:, black & white vs iPhone... Come on now. The main issue is the after sale service being dished out by Vodacom and not the quality of the Apple's hardware lol.
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    Stay away from the iPhone

    Honestly, I might as well report the status for a title change as it is misleading. Just a bit offtopic now but why don't the Core group deal with the iPhone hehe.
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    Thermal Paste on Pins

    My friend was having probs with his rig not booting up and tried to install a new CPU. Now he asked me to inspect the system as it had the booting prob. So I took the system, cleaned the CPU and CPU cooler, and on further inspection I found thermal paste smeared in places were it wasn't...
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    Need a specific LG drive for backups

    Wii Game Backups, LG Drive Needed I'm in need of either a LG-8164b/3b/2b/1b, as I want to make backups of my Wii games. Preferably a person/stockist in the Jo'burg area.