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  1. greg0205

    Kevin Savage has passed away.

    So, if you're like me, you've been listening to Kevin's radio shows for decades. 5fm, right up to 102.7, and Saturday isn't Saturday without Kevin's classic chart show now... Well it won't be... and it was 1982 today. "Lost his battle to cancer". Eish. Rest in rock, Kevin.
  2. greg0205

    Bat Out Of Hell composer Jim Steinman dies Goddamnit! For me, this is one of the ones that really hurts. It's not just Bat Out Of Hell, Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Posting a Steinman playlist 'cos, well, I can...
  3. greg0205

    Marvelous' Marvin Hagler: American boxing legend dies aged 66

    Marvin Hagler has died. Man, I loved watching that man fight. After Ali, my second favourite boxer of all time... Team Marvin obviously and if he'd kept the fight with Sugar Ray at 15 rounds, not the 12 they settled on, he'd have won. I'm posting...
  4. greg0205

    2016 Ford GT

    Just caught this in a feed from The Verge (posting the Top Gear link as well) Bottom line, the 2016 Ford GT is gorgeous. It will make 600hp from its 3,5l twin turbo V6. It'll do 0-60mp/h in 3 seconds and top out at 320km/h... I'll take one in Ford blue thank you very much...
  5. greg0205

    Tapatalk 2 - Your Forum Has Disabled Image Sharing...

    Is it me? Did I miss a memo? Trying to upload an image from Tapatalk and I get an: "Image Upload, Your forum has disabled image sharing from this app." message... is this a thing on MyBB now or is it my phone?
  6. greg0205

    Mailbox app from Orchestra and where are you in the queue?

    So Orchestra released an app called Mailbox last week. The propaganda says it will change the way you deal with e-mail... Anyway... I downloaded it only to find it has a reservation system, so you have to queue for them to activate it and all that life changing to happen. I was 350 000 something...
  7. greg0205

    Updated MyBB app for iPhone

    So, I downloaded the updated MyBB iPhone app this morning. I'll admit it's going to take me a moment to get used to the new look and feel and I'm still trying to decide if I think it's a good or bad job. The tab for threads I've participated in is gone, it's a little thing but I know I'm...
  8. greg0205

    News24 iPhone app crashing

    Maybe it's just me... For the last couple of days the News24 app on my phone has been crashing. Click the icon, starts to open and... crash. I've tried reinstalling, deleting then re purchasing in the iTunes store (both from my phone and machine, just in case) but no luck. So, is it just me?
  9. greg0205

    S**t That Siri Says

    Found this on my travels this morning... http://**** Some of the responses are gems. :D EDIT: S**t! Can't post the URL 'cos it contains a profanity... Fill in the blanks for yourself. ;)