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  1. Marius Flash

    Enough Already on Streaming !

    I am sure most end users out there ( Especially the middle class income bracket ) peeps and families would KILL for a streaming service that does not break the bank and that is affordable ( Taking into consideration ) forking out cash for their Fiber connection and to have a decent speed in...
  2. Marius Flash

    All the major DStv changes coming soon

    All the Major Premier Package subscribers leaving soon !:ROFL:
  3. Marius Flash

    Best combination paid streaming services

    Always been a fan of Kodi, but without Debrid - streaming quality using Kodi and addons becomes redundant
  4. Marius Flash

    Best combination paid streaming services

    It's been almost a year that has gone by, and I still seem to get by without having to use a VPN or a DNS service. Having said that it seems that having a VPN today is necessary, if not essential to view content from all over the world, especially when one uses a Android streaming box. What is...
  5. Marius Flash

    Things that irritate you - Part 3

    The constant and never ending Idling of a Ford Ranger in the car park _ Switch your engine off Damnit !!!
  6. Marius Flash

    Sports Streaming Services and Products

    We have all now heard the latest news from DSTV that from the 22nd March 2022 - Only 1 streaming service would be allowed per subscribed bouquet. This brings me to ask the question : What now? This is where the streaming services that are offered out there ( paid one's of course, to get the...
  7. Marius Flash

    DStv limiting concurrent streams from March 2022

    Please post a list of streaming services for EPL games {Paid and non Paid streaming services} Thanks tech boffins
  8. Marius Flash

    DStv limiting concurrent streams from March 2022

    Dstv will now face even more cancelations of their premier service! They just buried themselves 6 foot under..... R. I. P
  9. Marius Flash

    Best combination paid streaming services

    What paid subscriptions today don't break the bank? Is there a {All in one} paid subscription where one can get Hulu /Disney+/ You Tube premium/ Netflix etc What subscriptions do you use currently that entertains the whole family. Don't even mention DSTV. Your lists will be interesting!
  10. Marius Flash

    Disney kills FOX channel on DStv and StarSat

    Disney + coming to SA. Great now we can pay for good quality content at an affordable price. Bye DSTV
  11. Marius Flash

    The price of DStv Premium, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube Premium on the DStv Explora Ultra

    Dstv = {D} efintely {S} elective {T} rash {V} alue... Enough said!
  12. Marius Flash

    Have you watched My Octopus Teacher?

    Very impressed with this documentary! I was surprised it received a Grammy, but certainly deserved it, the documentary was quite interesting and enjoyable. Well done to SA
  13. Marius Flash

    Takealot is under siege

    Do we actually "TAKEALOT"?? We rarely do, don't we! Yes we purchase goods, but not alot! So "TAKEALOT" will eventually be called "TAKE-IT" OR "TAKE-ONE"......Jokes aside : TAKEALOT is leading the online purchases for now, until another player arrives on the seen.
  14. Marius Flash

    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    With our own testing, we were able to transfer a 1GB folder containing multiple videos in just seven seconds. This sums it all up as to just how fast and reliable Seagate SSD's really are!
  15. Marius Flash

    Joburg only has a single working fire truck - Report

    This is ANC leadership at its best! Always making Headlines for all the wrong reasons. :X3:
  16. Marius Flash

    First Tesla Model X ships to South Africa next week

    Pro's = Could create jobs, which we need desperately Con's = Price will be a factor, make it unfordable for most. = Not enough recharge facilities countrywide?
  17. Marius Flash

    WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

    I prefer Telegram, it's so much more enhanced when you use emoticons and stickers, very interactive and exciting, not boring like whatsapp, I believe Telegram will gain in popularity worldwide and whatsapp will decrease in time.
  18. Marius Flash

    DStv's big Netflix deal is here - What it means for South Africans

    The end is nigh for Dstv - seriously!! More and more subscribers are cancelling their premier packages. The only thing that is keeping Dstv alive is Supersport. What happened to all the talk of providing a streaming only service and doing away with set-top boxes? Seriously, enough already on...
  19. Marius Flash

    Why DStv's big Netflix deal is great news

    With the technology that we have today and the vigorous roll out of Fibre in most of SA now, also affordable at R399 from Openserve..... Why even have the discussion of SABC, Dstv, decoders, multichoice etc etc.... Just get Google Chrome, a laptop and connect it to your Fibre and presto, you...