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  1. dunkyd

    Angiogram costs ??

    Anyone had one lately ? Only on hospital plan Ta
  2. dunkyd

    Shitts Creek ?

    Hoping someone can tell me how to get seasons 4,5 and 6 onto my Galaxy tab ? Watching on Netflix Thanks
  3. dunkyd

    Sim belonged to porn actor ??

    Bought a sim for a spare phone and get 50 friend requests per day.... Most show pics of body parts I'd rather not discuss. How to get a previously unused sim ?
  4. dunkyd

    Best mini wifi pocket router ?

    Going travelling and would like to take my home LTE sim as it has loads of monthly data. Cover just 2 phones, hang off car mirror and last maybe 6 hours between charging or plug into cig lighter socket if needed. Pensioner price range and in Krugersdorp area ? Thanks
  5. dunkyd

    Samsung Tab 3 battery

    I need someone to supply and fit a new battery in Krugersdorp for a SM-T210 Thanks
  6. dunkyd

    Best all round news app?

    Covering the world without bias Cheap or free without ads if possible. For Android phone. Ta
  7. dunkyd

    Funeral policy for over 70's ?

    Anyone have any success here ? Ta
  8. dunkyd

    TENS massager WANTED ?

    Looking for a complete kit ? Anywhere in SA, Will pay Postnet
  9. dunkyd

    Some crooked here....

    Bought some data for a new phone via my FNB app. Luckily only R5 but after paying I see it went to a totally unknown number ?? Cleared the number via my laptop bank app and bought again. This time it went through...????
  10. dunkyd

    SASSA Aplication help West Rand

    An elderly couple here in Panorama Estate Krugersdorp are looking for help with their old age grant ? I have helped register them on the website with their own email address and password but that's where we are stuck. Prepared to pay someone to help them get going ?
  11. dunkyd

    Tyre pressure monitoring gadgets ?

    So many advertised, most look the same tho at different prices ? Am looking for one for my Figo. Solar powered and auto on/ auto off. Decent bright dial . Most complaints are about flimsy built units . Any recomendations? Ta
  12. dunkyd

    Take SIM on holiday ?

    Have a Business contract at home with a B612 router , 150 Gb etc Can I put the sim into my mini router, E5330 and hang it in the car when travelling ?
  13. dunkyd

    Decoder power supply ??

    Trying to buy 2 power supplies for my 1131 decoders near Krugersdorp ? Been to every known shop with no luck. MC need a map book. Ask them about shops on West Rand they reply Alberton and Germiston ???
  14. dunkyd

    Rangeview Krugersdorp

    Ever since you had 11 folk climbing up and down our tower in Panorama Estate last week, it goes off at every drop of rain and plays up all day. On/ off at least once or twice an hour. Sometimes off for 1 minute, sometimes off for 10 minutes. Please fix this, my company pays you a fortune monthly...
  15. dunkyd

    Lunch venue near ORT ?

    With wheelchair parking and casual ? Thanks
  16. dunkyd

    Vehicle swop forum ?

    Good elderly friend has an immaculate 20 year old Audi A6 , with only 80,000 ks on clock, still has plastic on rear door sills etc. He needs to straight swop for a small hatch to get into his tiny garage in retirement estate. Krugersdorp area. No cash available. Any ideas where to advertise ?
  17. dunkyd

    Leave Mweb and join Domains ?

    Been with Mweb since they started , my email address and my website. I cannot change or add to my website without going through loads of hoops, OTPs, passwords etc etc. Managed once in 20 years.....nw need to update it monthly but I cannot get OTPs, cannot retrieve passwords...
  18. dunkyd

    Mweb ??????

    Hosts my tiny webpage which I would like to add to and change now and again. But, the hoops I must go through with passwords, OTPs logging in , logging out. Takes an hour to just get there. Any ideas ?
  19. dunkyd

    Change XL files to PDF on Mac?

    Easy free way to convert files on my old Mac ? Ta
  20. dunkyd

    Macbook Pro charger ?

    60w magnetic for a 2013 Pro Thanks