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  1. ActivateD

    International parcel stuck at Aramex facility

    Hi I have a parcel stuck at an Aramex facility in New York as they said they cannot ship it because at first they stated it was a "spy item" but they have since opened it and saw it wasn't such, but now they are saying that they cannot ship it to South Africa because it contains a magnet. They...
  2. ActivateD

    Body corporate owes JHB 3million

    Hi I want to buy an apartment and I asked the owner of the unit to send me the body corporate statement and last audited results. I found that the building owes City of Johannesburg over R3 million rand should I stay away from this building or is this standard?
  3. ActivateD

    14 members of REvil have been caught Video of some of them getting caught
  4. ActivateD

    Caster Semenya's lawyers want answers for 'misleading' study

    World Athletics has released a report admitting that findings that banned Caster Semenya and several other athletes from taking part in the Tokyo Olympics are ‘misleading’. It comes just nine days after the closing day of the Olympic Games. The 2017 study banned Semenya – who holds two 800m...
  5. ActivateD

    Electric motor gate installation

    Hi Any recommendations on who to contact in Randburg for an electric motor gate for my place (buy motor and install)?
  6. ActivateD

    Thoughts on Toyota Rav4 automatic

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying my mother a second hand Toyota Rav4 automatic 2016-2019 models and less than 30,000km. Do you guys think it is a decent buy? She currently has a B7 Audi A4 (290,000km) from 2006 and it is giving her major issues. What do you think I can get as as a deposit...
  7. ActivateD

    My on grid-tie system

    As promised I said I will do a post about moving most of my house onto solar and battery. This is phase 1 and I will be doing phase 2 and maybe phase 3 next year. For phase 1 my requirements were simply and here are the list of things I wanted to be on solar/battery: All lights (including flood...
  8. ActivateD

    Mortgage payments in SA if things get worse

    With Italy deferring mortgage payments for its citizens because of this coronavirus and the UK looking at doing the same. Is there something being done in SA if things get worse? I haven't found a news article discussing this at all. If someone has found one please do share I am interested to...
  9. ActivateD

    Redo irrigation system

    Can anyone recommend me someone or a company in JHB that can assist me in redoing my irrigation system and assist me in automating it.
  10. ActivateD

    Hacker gets a whopping 14 years in prison for running Scan4You service 14 years is a bit harsh but he does deserve to do some time for what he has done.