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  1. Marius Flash

    Enough Already on Streaming !

    I am sure most end users out there ( Especially the middle class income bracket ) peeps and families would KILL for a streaming service that does not break the bank and that is affordable ( Taking into consideration ) forking out cash for their Fiber connection and to have a decent speed in...
  2. Marius Flash

    Sports Streaming Services and Products

    We have all now heard the latest news from DSTV that from the 22nd March 2022 - Only 1 streaming service would be allowed per subscribed bouquet. This brings me to ask the question : What now? This is where the streaming services that are offered out there ( paid one's of course, to get the...
  3. Marius Flash

    Best combination paid streaming services

    What paid subscriptions today don't break the bank? Is there a {All in one} paid subscription where one can get Hulu /Disney+/ You Tube premium/ Netflix etc What subscriptions do you use currently that entertains the whole family. Don't even mention DSTV. Your lists will be interesting!
  4. Marius Flash

    Mazda 3 2009 Dynamic 1.6

    I would really appreciate any help from forum members that could have the answer to how I can overcome CD Changer that does not load CD's...... The indication to wait and numbers 123456 does not reflect on the display screen, all it says No Disc, but won't load CD's.? Any Mazda owners out there...
  5. Marius Flash

    Best TV box 2019

    We all know that there are so many TV BOXES out there on the market.... So what TV BOX would be the recommendation for now 2019?