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    Music - Part 2

    Took me more than 20 years to make the connection - but Gigi stole it.
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    Cool Car Videos

    I remember back in high school, I think 1996, when my best friend's dad bought an A8 in Botswana and brought it down to Cape Town where they kept it. That car was incredible, every part of it from the sound system to the way it drove and handled. Not to mention the speed! Very fond memories of...
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    Should Telkom and Rain merge?

    No! Please no! I am in the fortunate position of still have 2 Rain SIMs on the R50/GB pay-as-you-use plan and I hope to keep using them. telkom is pure evil and out of principal I will never do business with them - ever. Please stay away from that monopolistic retard company.
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    Afrihost MTN Fixed LTE-A Thread

    Seeing the same from the West Coast. Thinks I am in JHB...
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    2020 Opel Corsa F

    Having driven a B, C (sedan) and D these are excellent cars. I just wish I could buy that electric one. I know it is a rebadged 208 - don't care - I just want an electric Corsa.
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    Absa website outage

    Back again
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    Absa website outage

    Down again
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    What would spur your decision to buy an electric car?

    Have to agree - I do not like the general styling of BMW as of late - but their electric cars are just trying to hard to be different. This is how I would like an electric car styled (looking the same as the ICE version) :
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    What would spur your decision to buy an electric car?

    BYD is getting a lot of busses to fleet operators. I work in the telematics industry and we have seen a big uptake and demand for EV telemetry, both in South America and Australia.
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    What would spur your decision to buy an electric car?

    I'd like a Corsa-e since it is pretty much like the ICE Corsa and they do manufacture them in RHD for the UK. Just start selling them here please.
  11. Rouxenator down?

    youtube still down
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    Things that please you...

    Road bike or mountain bike?
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    Things that please you...

    Seeing a long boi in action....
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    Rare cars on SA road

    Some goodness from down under.
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    MTN fixed LTE

    VodaCom 1 hour bundle on the beach in a Redmi 9T VS MTN fixed LTE 40GB from Axxess in a B535