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  1. GoB

    [Sale] Honda CBR 500R Cape Town

    Item name (be very descriptive): 2014 CBR500R with 54'000km. Stock, except for: Mirrors, Iridium spark plugs, K&N air filter, Air horn. Test ride only if you're serious. Age and condition: 6.5 years, good condition - owner-maintained service history, some minor wear + scratch on exhaust...
  2. GoB

    Neighbour's annoying alarm siren

    A house nearby has a loud alarm siren which constantly goes off. Any suggestions on how to deal with this which won't take hours out of my day? It has happened during most festive seasons over the past few years already. It's not 100% constant, but like this morning over the past 2 hours it...
  3. GoB

    Dog food suggestion for a diabetic dog

    My dog is currently on Hills W/D - costs R1000 for 12kg. But there is a shortage so I need to get something else. So I was wondering what options anyone could recommend? Is there any food which would be adequate from a non-vet pet shop? My dog is willing to try out something else if it...
  4. GoB

    Afrihost ASP .NET shared hosting with process restarts every 1-2 minutes

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with what to expect from Afrihost's shared Windows hosting? I have a very simple ASP .NET MVC (almost static) site. Static content response times are fine. Dynamic content response times are mostly < 0.1 seconds, however every 1-2 minutes it will take 20...