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  1. Beyond.Celsus

    Purpose of payment - SA reserve bank

    Anybody know how to do this? For context. I've created a account for Amazon direct publishing. Account is setup just fine with all details - Banking, Tax, etc But on the sign up form, after entering banking details there is a exclamation and a 'warning' that reads To receive payments, choose a...
  2. Beyond.Celsus

    Daggerfall now on steam (Free)

    For those who missed it. Saw Elder Scrolls Redguard in my suggestions list and immediately searched for Daggerfall. Pleasantly surprised it launched 2 days ago
  3. Beyond.Celsus

    Anger Foot

    Anybody try this game yet? It has gotten very popular real fast. South African made indie game. Looks pretty good actually.
  4. Beyond.Celsus

    God of War now on steam

    Just saw it on steam R599 That's a bloody steal
  5. Beyond.Celsus

    Sudden poor FPS fix for PC (Any Game - Nvidia GPU)

    So, it may be common knowledge for most of you, but for those suckers like me who suddenly had very poor FPS for a few months on games that used to run fine, here is the fix. So, I believe the issue started when I updated the Nvidia drivers a while back. Games that use to run fine suddenly...
  6. Beyond.Celsus

    Activate Windows 10 watermark

    So I've basically had to replace my pc (HDD still fine) but now I am stuck with the Activate Windows watermark in the lower right as I had to change mainboard. Tried changing key option and entered my key that's been fine for 3 years. No success Tried troubleshooting, but it just bangs on about...
  7. Beyond.Celsus

    Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer monetization

    And with that the last good guy AAA studio falls to the dark side. Once they've had a taste of 'recurring player spending' there wil be no way of containing the thirst. Weep for gaming. The end is nigh.
  8. Beyond.Celsus

    LG G8 ThinQ Dual Screen

    Just got my hands on a demo unit and this thing is magic. Comes with a flip cover that holds a second display. Plug and go basically and works with the device instantly. On the phone's screen you can be busy on whatsapp (or whatever else) while a movie plays on the second screen. Or you can...
  9. Beyond.Celsus

    Rockstar Games Launcher - Hinting at RDR 2 PC

    So Rockstar also has their own games launcher for the PC now. More importantly, some seem to believe that with the new launcher, Rockstar is prepping for a imminent Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release. More evidence from Australia seems to back this theory. A game code named 'Bonaire' is trying to...
  10. Beyond.Celsus

    Rumor: RDR2 PC to be announced at Stadia August 19
  11. Beyond.Celsus

    The Outer Worlds - Epic games exclusive

    Was looking forward to this. Well, they lost a sale. I refuse to use the epic games launcher and I also refuse to support these crappy business practices. Based on the backlash it seems I am not the only one who feels this way. Another game in the bin.
  12. Beyond.Celsus

    Would you rather care for a terminally ill loved one or be terminally ill yourself?

    Personally I would not be able to watch my SO die from a incurable disease and rather suffer from it myself. It is of course a selfish point of view to rather let your SO watch you die, but it is also quite selfish to rather see your SO die than die yourself. Maybe a bit morbid, but what...
  13. Beyond.Celsus

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

    So it was finally released yesterday. Great game. Best shooter out there at the moment. However. No local servers. Africa is also not listed as a region so not sure if we will be getting and even if we do get, currently custom servers do not earn xp. Very disappointing. You can play locally...
  14. Beyond.Celsus

    Kenshi Anyone ever try this? (Early access) I have been following it for a few years and it looks very interesting. apparently it is reaching the final stages of development. I took the plunge and bought it today. Will see how it is tonight.