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  1. ActivateD

    International parcel stuck at Aramex facility

    I wish I did and just added insurance on the device probably would be in the country at least by now.
  2. ActivateD

    International parcel stuck at Aramex facility

    I have and they were useless I did have some luck with DHL and they said they can fetch it and deliver it for me. I am waiting for their email to arrive with all the details so wish me luck.
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    International parcel stuck at Aramex facility

    I am shipping this Its a velocity-based training device that measures the barbell speed.
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    International parcel stuck at Aramex facility

    Hi I have a parcel stuck at an Aramex facility in New York as they said they cannot ship it because at first they stated it was a "spy item" but they have since opened it and saw it wasn't such, but now they are saying that they cannot ship it to South Africa because it contains a magnet. They...
  5. ActivateD

    Cyber security jobs

    Yeah correct PEN-300 is more real world and then OSEE is like finding 0-days and weaponizing n-day vulnerabilities. I just completed AWAE or Web-300 and that exam was insanely hard as I had to review source code and create a custom exploit that will bypass authentication and perform RCE to gain...
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    Cyber security jobs

    Fully agree it is literally: 1. Death by reporting (to be honest this should be automated) 2. Long days and nights of hacking 3. Angry clients as you compromised their baby aka their network and showed their "IT rockstar" he doesn't know security as well as he thought he/she did. 4. Politics...
  7. ActivateD

    Cyber security jobs

    PEN-200 or OSCP is still very beginner and more like a CTF rather penetration testing real networks so I hope your friend had this at the back of his head while interviewing them. I have also interviewed people with OSCP and I always put them on a juniors even though they hold the certificate as...
  8. ActivateD

    Why FNB charges international payment on rand-based Netflix subscription

    Time to check if EU banks do something like this and I might as well use my EU account for these services.
  9. ActivateD

    Ramaphosa to address the nation on energy crisis

    I am selling my surplus lets hope CityPower doesn't stuff it up.
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    Sandton cybercrime kingpin arrested for $12m scamming

    Scammers and gloating on IG is the best thing may they continue to do so till they all caught.
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    BREAKING NEWS | 22 killed in East London nightclub

    So sad condolences to the families.
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    IT’S OFFICIAL: Face masks are gone, border checks and gatherings ban dropped

    Didn't think this day would arrive for another 3 years.
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    The 'Massive' Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Its raining now in Randburg.
  14. ActivateD

    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    Why didn't they go to their operations in Peck Ave in Roodepoort? First and last time I got something from them I collected it from that house.
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    Mirror Trading International "masterminds" summonsed to pay back R4.7 billion + extra

    Slower than molasses but glad that there is still movement and not forgotten.
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    Pitfalls to look out for when installing solar power

    I must research this heat pump. I just have a few questions watched a view videos on YT about heat pumps do you install it indoors and how much does it cost +-?
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    The 'Massive' Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    YAY for the rain and a full JoJo tank.
  18. ActivateD

    Easy Equities good or bad?

    My winners to losers. I am resource heavy but that is what has helped my portfolio out. My losers I hope they rise up one day