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  1. krieg

    Enlight Sienna SSP DIN-R PLC Prepaid Electricity Meter

    Enlight Sienna SSP This is the new prepaid electricity meter City of Cape Town is installing. Attached is the short codes one can use with the meter. They also physically attach a lock to the outside meter box which is very stupid.
  2. krieg

    Does someone have a Huawei B593s-601 (Telkom) lying around?

    I have a unit that semi-bricked during a firmware update. Anyone with a unit lying around and have Linux experience to follow instructions to make a copy of the NVRAM and firmware for me?
  3. krieg

    Good Eats: The Return

    Alton Brown Love seeing this series back.
  4. krieg

    iPad 3 16Gb LTE/Wireless White [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): iPad 3 16Gb LTE/Wireless White Age and condition: +- 3 Years / Excellent, no scratches, plastic cover still attached. Do you include packaging: Yes. Original packaging and charger. Reason for selling: Never got used. Price: R3000 Negotiable: Yes...