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  1. Greglsh

    Tasmota Rule Commands

    Hi I wonder if someone can help, I have a smart plug that runs Tasmota 9.4.0. I have my fridge plugged into this. What I want to do is if the power goes off, then lets say 1 hour later it returns, I only want the switch to turn on 2 minutes after the power has returned. I did find a rule on the...
  2. Greglsh

    Smart Alarm System Connected to Blue Security

    Hi Does anybody have a "smart" home alarm system that will still connect with the current security company for armed response. I am with Blue Security and would like to look into this, I am connected via a radio link.
  3. Greglsh

    Vumatel KZN

    Hi Is Vumatel still not working in KZN and if not what is the news with this.
  4. Greglsh

    Roku only doing Streaming Sticks

    Hi Am I being stupid, I cant seem to find the Roku Ultra media players, when you go to the Roku site it only shows the Roku Express and the streaming stick plus. Where is the Ultra etc?