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  1. Evil-Twin

    Rain 5G. I am impressed!

    I live in an area with large trees and even larger walls. The house I live in is over 100 years old so the walls are thick and I have been struggling to get decent internet. I recently installed a rain 5G router, it is inside the house and the signal is incredible. No matter where I am in...
  2. Evil-Twin

    VPSnetworks a.k.a

    I have been reviewing the service offerings from for a few days now and I quite like what they have to offer. People do not realize how different vps offerings can be, depending on what virtualization platform is used, what kind of server control panel the customer has...
  3. Evil-Twin

    Web africa VPS - The new kid on the block

    I am always excited when a new VPS provider comes around, so while webafrica is an established company, they are a new addition to the somewhat limited vps provider population in South Africa. So I have decided to purchase two different vps packages with web africa to see if they have...