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    Will there ever be another true "people's car"?

    I know there have been many attempts, however I am talking about a true volume seller like in the old days. I am not just talking about price, I think the prices of new cars is getting absolutely bonkers, and there are some much more affordable options however people seem to make sacrifices and...
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    Let's say I wanted to buy a car from an auction....

    I am looking at the websank auctions lately... Anyways, it's just a thought I have for now, would like to buy something relatively cheap, and would most likely go have a look at it beforehand... But what else is there to know besides the added 15% tax on the bid and the handling fees? Would...
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    Wesbank woes

    Hi there, I am having an incredibly rough time with Wesbank right now. I have been in the process of selling my car (Wesbank to Wesbank) to my sister for over 8 weeks now. They are still debiting me, and the account is still open on my name weeks after it being settled and me receiving the...
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    Another car recommendations thread...

    Hi All, I am in the market for another car within the next couple of months. I am having a hard time picking what to get to be honest. What I can tell you is that my budget will be around 120k and I am honestly open to pretty much anything.... The logical side of me wants to go out and buy...
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    Gladys has wet herself again... Brake fluid corrosion...

    Hiya, This is Gladys, and she's getting on a bit these days. She seems to have had a little accident where she's emptied her brake fluid inside the boot, under the carpet.... I obviously didn't notice and it's eaten half the paint and who knows what else it's eating besides the garage...
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    Skincare recommendations please. (Fragrance free)

    Hi there, any recommendations welcome, I have acne prone skin and seem to be sensitive to fragrance, looking for fragrance free skin products I can get from a dischem or clicks or whatever... Cruelty free is a must, but I will take on that part of the research :)
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    BMW 320D Sport For Sale

    2013 Full BMW Service History. Sports seats. Climate control. Bluetooth. Headlamp washers. Auto lights and wipers. Front and rear PDC. 8 speed sport auto transmission. 105 000km R235 000.00
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    Licensing Departments Closed During Lockdown?

    Anyone know if the licensing departments would be open this week? I have a booking and nobody is answering their phones?
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    Where to get Retro / Second Hand Games (Johannesburg / PTA)

    Hi All, Sorry if this topic has been covered before, I tried to search... Couldn't find much... Where do you guys get retro games from? I'm talking like PSP, PS1, PS2, Xbox.... I normally look at FB marketplace, Bidorbuy, Cash Converters.... Would be interested to see where else I could...
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    Classic Volkswagen Beetle engine rebuild options in Johannesburg

    Hiya! Just a quick post to put some feelers out on prices and options for reputable people to rebuild my beetle engine. She’s got low compression on cylinder no. 4 and some wear on the cam. 1972 1600 twinport. All stock.
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    Afrihost Fibre - What a joke!

    I have been a client of Afrihost for about 6 years now. I have recently moved over from my current fiber to Afrihost. I have had their fiber for weeks without being able to use it and every single excuse has been that they outsource their services so they just blame literally everybody for the...
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    BMW Eco Pro - Extra KM calculation

    Hiya! I often use the Eco Pro mode on my F30 3 series. I get around 90km + indicated in the dash where it shows you how many extra km you get by using the eco pro mode. I just wanted to know if anyone has any official way of knowing how this is calculated? Is it compared to the car being...
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    Wiring a USB charger into the armrest of a 3 series?

    Hi everyone, I have an F30 3 series, there is a USB port in the arm rest but I use that to power my bluetooth aux adapter and it also doesn't put out enough power to charge a phone if you're using your GPS and all that. Surely there's someone out there that can wire a 2 amp usb port into the...
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    BMW 3 Series F30 Advice

    Hiya, So I've decided I'd quite like a 3 series, am looking at the M Sport line. My budget is 250k and I will stretch that somewhat if need be to get a warranty which I've priced at roughly 10k The 3 engine options I'm looking at would be in this order: 1. 320D 2. 320i 3. 328i I'd...
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    BMW Z4 E89

    Hiya, So a family member of mine is looking into the E89 Z4, something with about 80k on the clock, I just wanted to see if anyone had any sort of advice or know of any common issues, reliability, etc... I would rate the Sdrive20i as it would probably be the most economical in terms of fuel...
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    What are the sought after PM certificates in the IT space?

    I'm looking to do a part time course and get a PM certificate behind my name. I am already a PM but I don't have the "paperwork" to fetch the salary I actually deserve. Any ideas?
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    Opel Corsa 1.0 - thoughts?

    Hiya! Looking for a reasonably priced second hand car, that’s still got a bit of kit in it and I’ve been eyeing the Corsa. Price range is around R160k and I can find some reasonably low mileage examples. I had the Adam before and I really enjoyed it but the seats and stiff suspension...
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    Tv Stick / Cheap Desktop?

    Hi peeps. I haven’t built a rig in about 6 years now, and I’ve got the itch... The thing is I don’t game anymore and I don’t know exactly how much I’ll even end up using the thing. Basically my needs would be to be able to download movies and series and stuff and be a place to stream them...
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    Dealer has agreed to replace my car, legal advice?

    Hi all. Just wanted to have all my ducks in a row before my meeting with the dealer principal. I’ve had many issues with a demo unit I purchased 3 months ago. I’ve probably had the use of the car for a total of 2 weeks since purchase. The dealer has agreed to replace it at my request, I...
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    Transunion has no record of my car...

    Hi there. What does it mean when I do a vehicle check and Transunion has no record of my car? I wanted to check if it had any accident comments, but they've never heard of my car, using the VIN or the Registration number. I'm pretty confused.