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    Old VW vs new VW – Expect more bang for your buck in the future

    fit them now, charge you to enable them later........
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    Civil unrest warning for South Africa: “One day it’s going to explode”

    please go and explode at your local ANC MP's house and leave the rest of us to get on. thanks.
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    BMW Heated Seats Subscription Is Real And It Costs $18 Per Month

    and more thoughts, say your car shipped with heated seats/adaptive suspension, radar cruise etc. replacement/repair costs will be INSANE for vehicles out of motor plan. Imagine owning the car from new and never using the heated seats only to have the sensor etc freak out and constantly try to...
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    BMW Heated Seats Subscription Is Real And It Costs $18 Per Month

    most likely. Far too many people cannot afford the full purchase amount upfront to actually BUY the vehicle outright and can just about make the monthly repayments to look flashy. What's a couple hundred extra bucks a month as opposed to another 5-10k upfront.
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    BMW Heated Seats Subscription Is Real And It Costs $18 Per Month

    also, if all cars ship with the hardware as features or "options" that can be turned on/activated at will, then that kinda kills the current pre-owned premiums that dealers etc love to charge for cars with certain optional extra's/feautres. If everything is already included in the car in the...
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    BMW launches first all-electric sedan in South Africa – pricing and details

    If our twit government had any clue, they get in on the e-fuel wave and create the world hub for e-fuel advancement and development. Brings in money, creates jobs etc. naaaaaaaa, coal bru. Teeeeeeeeendaaaaaaa'ssssssss for everyone! Also i4......ja, toy for the rich, no real value to the average...
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    Zuma faction wants Andre de Ruyter gone

    The non Zuma faction want Zuma gone too. There, we're equal.
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    DSTV Now app - poor streaming quality

    my DSTV now keeps bombing out today. I continually get this error. Stream plays for a bit then dies... Anyone else having this problem? Streaming via MWEB fibre/Ocotel
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    Eastern Cape winter initiations: 8 dead, 8 arrested, 21 cases and 68 illegal schools discovered

    Come on Cyril, aren't you going to gather all the media together, visit all the families and give a heart touching speech about how this tragedy will be prevented going forward? (you know, like the recent night club deaths....) hmmmmmm, no. didnt think so.
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    Samsung could drop Galaxy S as flagship series to focus on foldables

    Ah I see, mediocre sales, possibly because there's not THAT much difference over the previous models and the price has increased. Solution, drop the range entirely, make a folding phone the premium model and charge even more for it! Because that will work! Magic! Ah, problem solved.
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    Have you finished Lost (series)?

    Loved it until S4, then it cray cray and lost the plot. Watched "From" too. Soon there'll be "Found" followed by "Away"
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    South Africa’s extended stage 6 load shedding is hammering the rand

    Wait, we can establish a command council and RUIN the country's economy off the back of a virus and send in the police and army to enforce and arrest people for walking on the beach or banning open toed shoes etc Though, when a bunch of striking workers and sabotage plunges the country into a...
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    Western Cape proposes new speed limits for bakkies

    I still dont get it, drop the bloody RAF, enforce 3rd party insurance at a minimum, annual UK style MOT. RAKE in the revenue from the insurance and MOT testing. RADICALLY reduce vehicle based incidents ( read not accidents as poor vehicle maintenance or complete lack thereof is totally...
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    Big shift to hit salary increases and bonuses in South Africa in the coming months

    If my company pulls that trick after continually telling everyone how incredibly well we're doing.......there will be problems.....
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    Labour unions have blocked roads leading to Eskom power stations in protest over wages

    What dont these people get? Protesting at the power plant? WASTE OF TIME Go and find your local ANC MP's home and camp put there and make your demands... THEN they'll take you seriously....
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    Stranger Things - Netflix Original series

    I felt the story softened a little with too much focus on the bullying. It felt a little like "plot/story filler". Perhaps I'm expecting too much as the 1st 3 series were great. S4 though....mmmmm, not LOVING it as much. Now waiting for the last 2 episodes in July :)
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    Standard Bank uCount

    Not directly no. You can use the tier calculator to show you how to move to a higher tier though.
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    Standard Bank uCount

    on tier 5, got circa R1100 in kick back this month. First full month on tier 5. Would have qualified for tier 5 a few years ago had it not been for the R20k monthly card spend requirement.
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    DA’s Western Cape leaders in hot water over reports of wasteful spending

    I dont care if a minister etc drives a Merc, BM, Audi etc. They get paid enough, they can spend their money as they like. I DO have a problem with them getting absolutely ridiculous allowances to buy such vehicles in the first place. Simply cut the allowance. If they want a flashy new x7, let...
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    South Africa unveils new strategy to lure more investment and create jobs

    Are the ANC removing themselves from government? Because that will work quite well.