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    Are fiber providers part of the lockdown?

    Good evening Will fiber providers be part of this lockdown since it exclude telecommunication companies. We are moving on Thursday (would have been saterday). Vumatel is suppose to install fiber on saterday which i need to work, as we work from home anyways. i cant afford to be without internet...
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    Ryzen 3 1200 with cooler

    Item: Ryzen 3 1200 with standard amd cpu cooler Age: 1 year (bought December last year) Price: R1200 neg Warranty: Remainder of the 3 years from Evetech Packaging: Original Condition: 10/10 Location: Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort Reason: Upgraded to Ryzen 5 1600x Shipping: On buyer paid beforehand...
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    Polo vivo 2010 starting problems (99% sure it's the fuel pump)

    Hi There guys i own a 2010 polo vivo 1.4. Since early December the car has been having trouble starting. We tested the battery, the starter, replaced the spark plugs but this is still going on. The car was serviced about 2000km ago, where we replaced air filter, oil filter, petrol filter. The...
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    PUBG and AWS

    Hey Guys Since yesterday we now have a direct connect to AWS services via Teraco. Will this mean that our PUBG connections will be more stable now aswell? The my broadband article related to this is...
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    Vumatel - Cool Ideas 100mbps fiber more problems than anything else

    Hi guys I have been on a 100mbps vumatel line for a month now. I chose Cool Idea's as my ISP since their policies and support seem to be intact. I started on a 50/5 line on the 1st of October and upgraded the end of October to 100mbps. 30% of the time there is a problem. Low connection...