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    FNB Outage - 1 July 2022

    Appears it is the turn of FNB to have an outage. Seems most of the digital channels have been impacted. Cant even tap your card.
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    IFTTT issue - applets running un-commanded. Security risk.

    My setup is a RPi with attached relays and using google assistant and webhooks through IFTTT and use it to perform functions such as opening of garage doors, gates, lights etc. I do pay for the IFTTT service. Three weeks ago, when I fired the applet to open the garage door, it failed. Ok so no...
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    Service Level Agreements (SLA)

    Anyone in business running fair sized IT shops know about SLAs with ISPs etc. With the move to home working and the increased reliance on home connectivity, are any of the domestic or FTTH providers offering any SLAs other than the one termed 'Best Effort'?
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    MTN Support - Have you ever received any lately?

    Since October, I have e-mailed their support, posted on their Facebook page, have tweeted them, called numerous times on the phone wasting approximately 4 hours cumulatively holding, and even mailed their PR officer, but yet to ever receive any meaningful support. The best I have received is we...
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    MTN begins to issue Fake Sportsmans Warehouse Vouchers

    MTN relaunched their rewards programme last week. It is included in the MTN app and one can use your YelloBucks to purchase vouchers for a number of items from differing suppliers - very similar to eBuck from FNB. Tested out by using some of my YelloBucks to buy 2 Sportsmans R50 vouchers...
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    iSAT vs Dimension Data

    According to this website: seems iSAT are taking on the big guns and have setup an entire web site detailing an issue that related to OpenStack. "This Web site details iSAT’s (Internet Services and Technologies) ongoing struggle to get fair and...
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    eWeLink to begin charging for IFTTT

    I see that shortly if you use eWeLink and IFTTT, it will cost. See: I use eWeLink with all my sonoff switches and use IFTTT. Is it now time to use Tasmota or are there other options? I do have a RPi running some...
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    Google Head of Communications interviewed on eNCA

    Micha Atagana was interviewed on eNCA today regarding SA search trends during the lockdown. The bit that had me going was that with these large corporations being so brand oriented that the interview was close to say the Samsung boss using an iPhone to make a call or being taken for a tour...