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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    You are correct, I should have mentioned that leaving the inverter off when not needed, will require a changeover switch, or manual reconnection of devices (from mains to inverter output), which does kind of negate some of the benefits of the inverter. It is a bit like having a standby...
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    The inverter is designed to be left plugged in, with the batteries constantly topped up on float voltage, ready for use when the power fails. However, if you have a 24V system with 2 12V Lead Acid batteries in series, be very careful that your batteries do not get unbalanced. The more they get...
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    Home Owners Association - Annual Financial Statements

    Do you have a Managing Agent for your HOA? Who collects the levies, pays the bills etc? They will have answers to your questions.
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    SARS rental income, is water included in Electricity/Rates and Taxes?

    I include water and refuse removal with the rates and electricity, when completing SARS e-filing under rental expenses
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    Advice for an extended family buying a multi-family house

    Our family is considering relocating to the KZN South Coast, to take advantage of very attractive property prices. As an extended family, we are looking at multi family units (5 or more bedrooms) and have recently looked at 2 large houses in Scottburgh. The two houses are very different – we...
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    Lenovo Thinkpad T440, i5 4300U, 4GB DDR3, 250GB SSD, LTE - R2200

    Would you know if it is a T440P or T440S? Some subtle differences
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    Domestic Water Meters

    @richjdavies We were about to pull the trigger on a R250k project. Kamstrup water meters and extensive plumbing The spec was for wireless Mbus meters. We have tested it and it works. At the last moment someone suggested using Sigfox and the project stalled. I think it is too soon to use...
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    Advice on annual vs monthly income payment, when one has a choice?

    I am retired and the bulk of my income is from a living annuity, paid monthly. I am considering drawing the annuity income on an annual basis ie 1 annual payment in advance, instead of 12 monthly payments. The considerations are: 1. Where to invest the annual payment for a year, drawing down...
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    The Home Improvements Thread (2)

    What can I do to prevent a facebrick wall from leaking during heavy rain? It is a double brick outer parapet type wall, about 30yr old. The inner wall gets saturated then drips inside. Not sure whether the bricks gets soaked, or the cement grouting is letting the water through.
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    Wanted: Lora 868Mhz Omnidirectional Antenna and cable

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Mikrotik, Bingfu or equivalent 868Mhz Antenna and cable (For Lora, IOT, telemetry etc) Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: Not important Location: Durban Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Links...
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    Have you registered for the 2022 Census?

    Did you use a PC or mobile device? I suspect Windows and IOS are more forgiving:)
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    Have you registered for the 2022 Census?

    My experience: 1. Had to use tablet and phone to get the OTP entered 2. Error 20 timeout 3. Battled with address entry 4. Selecting complex unit very tricky Took several attempts to complete registration. I doubt many citizens will have the patience to do this on a tablet or cell phone...
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    Have you registered for the 2022 Census?

    I found the website totally unusable. What went wrong? The government probably spent a LOT of money developing it. Surely extensive testing would have been mandatory?
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    Have you registered for the 2022 Census?

    As someone who has dabbled with very basic website (html and text editor, some php), I would like to ask how does one tell what tools have been used to create a website? I guess a census website would not use Wordpress, or could it? What else could have been used, php?
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    Getting 2018 LG TV to work with Amazon Alexa

    Well done, 2018 issue solved after 2 years!
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    Prepaid electricity sub-meter vendors.

    I have used Metermate for many years. Happy with their service. You buy and install their meter. Then you purchase vouchers from Metermate, and sell them to the tenant at a cost that covers the electricity. You can determine what this cost should be. Metermate may require more effort, as you...
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    Tricky exercise, as quotes will vary by quite large amounts. However a quality job does cost more. Agree with the comment that waterproofing should be given extra attention.
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    Is Centurion D5 Smart motor any good?

    The Centurion Evo D5 motor has some really nice features. One of them is the Chronoguard timer. I programmed ours to open the gate during business hours and close it at night. One timer setting for Mon to Fri, another setting for weekends. Works perfectly:)