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    Do you have a second job/side hustle to supplement your income?

    At our work? Or are you speaking generally? I have seen those things at my old company (> 10 years ago)
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    Do you have a second job/side hustle to supplement your income?

    Take it from an older guy. Unless you really have spare time, rather avoid Your family and friends are important. I have seen people burn out or relationships getting wrecked.
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    Do you have a second job/side hustle to supplement your income?

    It happens more often than we think especially in companies with 200 or more people. I know of many more where I am pretty sure it was happening but noone was able to prove it (or they didnt try). One guy used to know that the door times were there but never checked Anyway he used to tag in on...
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    Do you have a second job/side hustle to supplement your income?

    Yes a parallel hustle. Only seen it 2x The most blatant one was at a company I worked for (but UK branch) The IT manager was unpopular and hardly ever available One day our CFO arrived at work to find another grey old man in the lobby wanting to see him Visitor "Do you know Ms X?" Our CFO...
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    Do you have a second job/side hustle to supplement your income?

    I don't have a side hustle but I do see it a lot. Fall into a few categories 1. Transparent side hustle where the employer knows about non-competing, out of hours activities 2. Employer doesn't know but it doesn't really interfere 3. Employer doesn't know and person effectively nicks a bit of...
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    Home Assistant : Q&A, Tips & Tricks, Your Configs

    Thanks Entirely possible I use the wrong terms and phraseology. I was a developer 20 years ago. I am still in the tech space but more "management" So basically I am probably in the space where I have enough knowledge to be dangerous. (-; I do have a good friend that is a real techie and he...
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    Home Assistant : Q&A, Tips & Tricks, Your Configs

    New to this group as I have just implemented Home Assistant. I have a SMA (Sunny Island etc) system. 1. There are existing integrations to pull data from the Sunnys They are implemented and whilst they have less data than I would like they probably serve my purposes. 2. There are also...
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    Fibre Estate Monopoly

    I have seen monopolies on estates before ... It relates to a limited exclusivity period for say 5 years
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    Fibre Estate Monopoly

    I know of an Estate that broke the monopoly (ok they didnt) The HOA/Body COrp/Trustees has signed an agreement that gave them exclusive access for 5 years The service was predictably terrible. There were installation issues but mostly the backhaul was severely constrained The service was...
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    Access to retirement annuity?

    I think the right sort of financial adviser is your start point. (and not an attorney) In March 2021 the rules changed. There are tons of variables including the type of RA Even if he can access some money... it will hurt tax wise (and penalties) Unless this group has a financial adviser... I...
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    Apple versus Samsung — smartphone brand showdown

    Thankfully it doesn't dominate every Apple thread anymore It was silly. I am an Apple user for many years. Happy and wont change If I was using a good Samsung I also wouldnt change. As an experiment I tried both a Samsung and Nokia/MS phone some years back I could have lived with either, The...
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    Lamb curry

    I must be slow.. I still cant see Bunta's recipe Lamb Curry is my favorite I tend to amp it up a lot more Lamb neck or knuckle works great
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    US Politics: Bike tricks

    Trumpkin gets a rent free stay and governments pleasure
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    US Politics: Bike tricks

    If you are looking to Whoopi to make your point, perhaps you are the problem
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    US Politics: Bike tricks

    They just invade the Capitol and try and overturn an election
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    Reserve Bank shocks with 75 basis point rate hike

    Why? US and UK also announced similar hikes. It hurts but inflation is out of hand. Of course, government should limit their wage bill and spending... that would help even more
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    Old man applauded by social media users for fighting off would be criminals

    I was just thinking that. He is probably a little older than me (and I am 58) I think he is braver than me though. Good on him for fighting back
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    Am I resigning too quickly?

    Lots of experience with a few tech companies There is no good answer for now... If you hate your job then life is too short. BUT 1 or 2 single year year stints are easily explained. Lots of them and and average of 1 is less easily explained If its a definite pattern then it is a problem. A...
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    How cold are your rooms?

    The older, expensive houses are also insulated like 5**t In fact 5**t would be a better insulator My house was built in the late 40s. Walls are double thickness but badly insulated So cold in winter We installed wood pellet fires which works well but expensive