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    Afrihost False advertising : free installation free - NOT!

    Moved home, booked a new fibre installation with Afrihost expecting “award winning awesome service”. Met with Metro Fibre to install the day before, only to be told I have to accept the fibre in the place it already is in our new home. What!? In the smallest bedroom with no space to move I have...
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    UPS help to choose

    Hi, with all the loadshedding need a UPS to keep fibre on and 2-3 laptops powered up for work. Not sure what specs to look for, are all UPS pretty much the same? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Shopify store Facebook ads payment

    Can anyone help please: I am unable to pay for my Facebook ads with a Capitec debit card. Capitec have “blocked” Facebook due to fraud. Paypal is not an option from SA. Have contacted Facebook their customer service is hopeless. Does anyone have experience with this that can give me advice? Thanks!
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    eHome Affairs first ID through Std Bank

    Can anyone help? There is no fee payable for first ID. Does this method of applying through bank still work even though zero is payable? Can I still make an appointment at Standard Bank who I bank with, for my son’s first ID? And the eHome Affairs website says no slots available?
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    Upwork payment issue

    I’m struggling to get paid by Upwork for week of 10-14 August. Used the Upwork time keeper, have sent numerous emails to Upwork but have had no success. “The engineers are aware of your problem” and “it has been escalated to our technical team” “Our team continues to work on a solution” ...
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    Open DNS IP address help

    I have set up Open DNS on LTE router. Each time I view the Open DNS page the IP address has changed on top of page and I need to add it. How do I stop this? Or can I just monitor two devices specifically? Monitoring is from an iphone. Thanks
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    Help cant cancel my Telkom landline & adsl

    My Telkom account is in arrears and I am unable to cancel my account online, the button is greyed out due to being arrears. So Telkom keeps billing me and I have no services.. I chatted to a Telkom agent today online and they said I must pay up R3,200 then they will allow me to cancel. If I dont...
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    Blocking porn through router

    'm looking for an easy to use app to setup and monitor my home wifi via the router - not per device. Telkom' s Zyxel router allows me to block webpages but individually, no category blocking. Have Open DNS at home but it wasn't working yesterday and it is quite complicated trying to figure out...
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    Parental control

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post. Looking for the best parental control options for teenagers on Windows 10 laptop. Have setup Open dns family (is this hackable and if so could I get notified?) Any other suggestions please. Include free options as well as paid. Also any blocks...
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    Smart TV or not?

    Looking at a big screen TV 55". Should I choose a smart TV? Any recommendations / great deals? Is the make very important for quality and after sales service? Thanks
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    Brand new laptop, not impressed! Advice please

    Bought new laptop yesterday for R8,500, not very impressed with the general speed. Do I need to buy more RAM, or an SSD? My previous laptop has the same specs, except 2nd Gen and 6GB RAM and when it was brand new it was super fast. The laptop is for homeschooling, social media and some...
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    Insurance Broker commission ?

    I am looking at taking out a life insurance policy. 2 years ago I requested a quote from a broker. When I didn't confirm acceptance, 2 more quotes were emailed to me. Upfront commission 1st quote on 10 March - broker commission R4k 2nd quote on 15 March - broker commission R3.3k 3rd quote...
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    Laptop windows 10 dvd drive wont play

    Can't play a dvd in player. Please help!