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  1. AntennaMan

    Hardware pricing - The Linus effect

    So, a week or so ago (30 June, to be exact), Linus Tech Tips featured this video: This tickled my fancy, and as I don't have good airflow through my current case, I started to look at the local pricing for this case. Looking at various online shops (Wootware, Evetech - for reference only...
  2. AntennaMan

    iPad casting to AndroidTV/Chromecast

    Hi. I am new to the Apple ecosystem. Is it possible to cast AppleTV+ to AndroidTV/Chromecast? I have tried various methods I've found on the internet, but none seem to work. Using the Google Home app, I'm supposed to be able to mirror the iPad screen, but that also doesn't want to work, not...
  3. AntennaMan

    Britbox PfSense Issue

    Hi I posted this in the Britbox thread, but this might be a more relevant place. I recently installed a PfSense, due to some strange issues I noticed. My setup is fairly easy. I created 4 vlan's, namely Home, Guests, IOT and Work. The names are pretty much self-explanatory. Everything works...
  4. AntennaMan

    Google Pixel eSim

    I'm considering getting a Pixel (either the 6, when it is released or a 5/5a). Does the eSim work on Vodacom/MTN, and will are both eSim and Nanosim active simultaneously (similar to normal dual sim). Thanks
  5. AntennaMan

    South Africa’s Central Firearms Registry a complete mess – Photos
  6. AntennaMan

    TP-LINK Access Point

    I need to get an access point installed for my parents to improve Wifi coverage. Unifi AP is way too expensive for what they need. I saw the TP-Link TL-EAP110 which is sub R600 at Takealot. Does anyone have experience with them? How easy to use is the Omada software and how good is the...
  7. AntennaMan

    Samsung Health App and Fit-e on non-Samsung phone

    It would seem like the Samsung Health App now works on non-Samsung phones. There are also a lot of threads about issues with watches and the like. Can anyone confirm if this works? My S9 is about to die on me and I'm thinking of getting a Oneplus 8T.
  8. AntennaMan

    Headset question

    I am in the market for a Bluetooth headset. From what I can see, Sony's have better codec support and the consensus is that the QC 35's might be showing their age. Opinions and suggestions are welcome.
  9. AntennaMan

    Unifi AP random restarts

    My trusty Unifi AP has been restarting a couple of times a day, at random times. Ubiquiti support has been rubbish. After a couple of (very basic) troubleshooting steps, they essentially said I should RMA the thing. Very difficult to do if it about 4 years old, and I don't have 'n PoP anymore...
  10. AntennaMan

    Samsung firmware differences

    I have a Samsung S9 that I got on contract way back in March 2018. When MTN stopped providing regular, monthly updates (XFA), I switched to XFE, and doing it myself. Due to the terrible MTN signal at home, I have switched over to Vodacom (only slightly better!). Now my question is, is there a...
  11. AntennaMan

    Hell Let Loose

    I bought this during the Steam Lunar sale and managed to get some game time last night. This is seriously difficult. For those that don't know, it's a FPS that aims for realism (compared to BF or CoD). The ~200ms latency doesn't seem to be an issue, as the game...
  12. AntennaMan

    Change of Ownership Question

    I need to hand in the change of owner form today at the licensing department. However, this is for my wife's car and to be on her name. Do I just fill in my information in the "Buyer's proxy" section?
  13. AntennaMan

    Whole fillet on a Weber

    I need some help with this. I've done it once before, but can't remember the exact recipe. The idea is to take a whole fillet and cut it lengthwise partway through, stuff it, bind it closed and place it on indirect heat on the Weber. Does anyone have ideas for a nice filling to go into the fillet?
  14. AntennaMan

    VW optional extras on 2nd hand car

    Is it possible to have the VW optional extras installed on a 2nd hand car or are they factory installed? If not, is the only option to look at 3rd party equivalents?