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    Router not visible over wifi hAP AC2:5Ghz

    Hi all So yesterday our internet bombed out. Our ISP is Comtel running on Vuma's fibre. The domestic worker had accidentally disconnected our router (hAP AC2). I plugged it all back in and the internet seemed fine for a bit. Then all of a sudden only the two access points connected to the main...
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    Graphics cards on international flights

    Hi guys I'm going to USA for two weeks during December and I want to buy a gtx 1070 there and bring it back with me (to save money obviously), but I am very unsure how to go about it, and I've done loads of research end some people say it is possible, others say they will confiscate it, and...
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    Telkom home ADSL problem is breaking my brain

    Hi everyone. I have a certain situation that really has been annoying me for the last two months and I can't seem to fix it. For the last two years I've been paying for a 4mbps line from Telkom. Since it was installed I have had no problems with it, having a constant 400kbps down speed...