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    Phone photos recovery after factory reset

    Inserted vodacom Sim in old Huawei p9 lite. And it just factory reset the phone. There were photos of my boy that were never backed... So fu.. ING mad. Is there any one who can assist to retrieve the photos(PS weren't isn't Google backups done). My wife is in a tail spin... Please assist if...
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    What 4g RMobile router (with Lan Connection) will you recommend?

    I Just got my Data sim form Vodacom and I need to get a 4g Wifi router(that able to work with a vodacom Sim) with Lan connection as I still use my Desktop at home but I also want to be able to move the router around and that it is able to work during load shedding without power when needed. I...
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    One plus 8 Pro- Where to Buy?

    Hi Guys Were can I buy the One plus 8 Pro from without wondering if I will receive it.... See below link on Bid or Buy. Seems like a good price. Kind regards
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    Virginmoney CC discontinued

    I received a email today the states Virgin money will be discontinuing the CC..... what to switch to next. I loved the no monthly fee....
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    Using property in trust as collateral for property in Own name.

    I have permission from Trustees to use property in our trust to use as collateral to by new property. Has anyone have any experience with doing the same did it help to decrease bank interest rate....? Any feedback will be helpful. Kind regards
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    Advice for CIMA route

    Good day I am trying to find out what is the best way to get my CIMA accreditation I must study part time so Unisa is my only option. Please help! This is whats on unisa's website. I don't know which route is (faster/better/ease-yer) I have Bcom manangement and also Bcompt I was thinking...
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    sale Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    I am selling my Samsung Galaxy Nexus that is still sealed in box. Never been used. For R 3000
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    I have some DOTA 2 Steam Keys to give away

    Just give me your email and i'll send it to you.
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    Telkom simple 1 mbps R499 can i cancel the voice service to pay less

    I phone telkom today to order the telkom simple 1mbps and 10 gb for R 499 , they told me that the service has changed to a month to month contract and that i can downgrade and upgrade the service. My question is can i downgrade that i only have the 1mbps line and line rentals with 10 gb for...
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    telkom simple 1 mbps with 10g for 499?

    plz tel me if its a good deal? or are there better deals .i just qant dsl.and i dont have n telefone lyn thats connected but i have a telefone cable to my house.