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    Which UPS

    I need a small UPS that only need to run my PC for 30 seconds to 1min so that I can safely shut down. I am a software developer and my project file can become corrupt if the power fails while I'm developing without saving. I just need a few seconds to save and shut down my PC. My PC specs are...
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    Replacement batteries for Mecer 2000VA UPS

    I'm thinking of buying a mercer 2000VA and have a question on noise. Does it have a internal fan and how is the noise levels?
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    Bitcoin Thread

    Its just a healthy correction guys.
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    Let's talk Cologne

    I'm looking for a cologne with a nice musky smell, any recommendations?
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    2021 Rugby Championship (and Bledisloe)

    Why is wille le roux still in the team?
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    Apple Pay South Africa

    Added both my cards through the watch app on my phone, I prefer paying with the watch.
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    Apple Pay South Africa

    Yep saw that as well, I tried to add a physical card through the watch app on my phone and the only option to verify the card is either through the FNB app or to call FNB. When I chose through the app I get an error message that said system currently unavailable. And with call option it calls...
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    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    Show us on the teddy where the nasty vaccine touched you.
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    South Africa to Broaden Vaccine Rollout With Pfizer Doses Monday

    How does it feel to be a retarded person?
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    Jacob Zuma openly defies Zondo commission, says he is ready to be jailed

    Twitter banned that fukcer quick!
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    Show me your tongs

    Behold the undisputed king of tongs.
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    MTN Allowing WiFi Calling

    I'm on an iPhone as well and turned everything off, you can follow the steps below:,marketing%20messages%20did%20not%20work. If you download...
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    Apple Pay South Africa

    Yep added virtual & its been added to my watch thanks.