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    iPhone/iPad App MasterClass (Core)
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    iPhone 4 white, pictures

    iPhone 4 white unboxing from Keitai Impress.
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    iPad Micro-SIM locked to SoftBank in Japan (at least they're honest why)

    This is hilariously funny-- at least this guy is honest about it. Son Masayoshi, the operator CEO candidly admits the iPad exclusivity is due to the relative lack of robustness of his network compared to DoCoMo...
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    iPad international pricing - MacNN International pricing. Cheapest 64GB 3G is for sale in Japan for EU 694 and most expensive is the UK for EU 824.
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    European Parliament takes on ACTA

    According to Slashdot: Link. For those who don't know what ACTA is, here is the blurb,
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    Democrats: US government's policy of leaving the Internet alone is over

    Taco Cowboy writes in with a report from The Register about a US policy shift away from keeping hands off the Internet. "According to Assistant Secretary Larry Strickling, Obama's top official at the Department of Commerce, the US government's policy of leaving the Internet alone is over...
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    Atelier Rorona on PS3

    For fans of JRPGS, Atelier Rorona from Gust is coming to the English world in Q2 2010. Definately a reason to buy a PS3, together with Tales of Vesperia and additional characters that XBOX version does not have - this is a good duo.
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    The Khost Attack and the Intelligence War Challenge

    Continued next post
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    Apple iPhone eats up 50% of global mobile data
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    Microsoft retail store gets odd viral marketing buzz I would have run away! One commenter mentioned that the vid shows a woman shoplifting while the MS shop employees sing and dance. :)
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    Old Photography

    Old 19th/turn of the 20th century photography In the late 19th and early 20th century, enigmatic photographer T. Enami (1859-1929) captured a number of 3D stereoviews depicting life in Meiji-period Japan. These were converted to animated GIFs, the presentation is here...
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    Win 7 on multicore not faster than XP Well if that 17% benefit can be significant - if 1. it's under all circumstances not just heavy use in >2 core CPUs and 2. CPU power draw is a significant power draw - then Win 7 is beneficial because...
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    Wash'n Post recommends Linux instead of Windows for Online Banking

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    Most Mac Owners Also Own a Windows PC, But Not Vice Versa

    Link. I think we can see that most people who bash Mac have never used the platform while many more Mac users have used and probably use Windows at the same time as Mac OSX. So when they bash Windows they usually know what they're talking about.
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    Legal Group says Unlimited Broadband Promotes Piracy

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    Console Makers Worry Over Apple's Growing Competition

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    Win 95 parody song - Start Me Up Enjoy :).
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    Ballmer admits: "We screwed up Windows Mobile."

    Well at least he's being truthful. Link.
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    Microsoft poaching Apple retail staff

    First they ripped off the whole Mac OSX user interface, then they started to set up iStore like retail outlets - looks like M$ is now poaching Apple sales staff for those new stores. Link.
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    Windows 7 Upgrade Can Take Nearly a Day

    Link What's a day - when you consider the lifetime of misery that follows, ne?