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  1. DarthCat

    Vodacom fibre question

    I got a vodacom sim with my fibre router but fibre is only going to be active next month The sim is working but theres no data on it. Must i put data on it or will vodacom?
  2. DarthCat

    Sim swap

    I got a new phone on contract but it needs a nano sim card but my old one is a micro sim card. How can I do a sim swap without going to cell c shop?
  3. DarthCat

    Clive Barker books [S]

    Clive Barker books: The Inhuman Condition Sacrament The Damnation Game The Great and Secret Show Everville Imajica Abarat 1-3 Galilee (Hardback) Age and condition: Mostly good. No packaging included. No warranty. Selling it because have no space for it. R200 negotiable. In Mountain...
  4. DarthCat

    Stephen King Books [S]

    Stephen King books: Dark Tower 1-7 The Wind Through the Keyhole The Dark Half The Shining Misery Cell Dreamcatcher The Talisman Black House Needful Things Thinner Hearts in Atlantis Bachman Books The Regulators 11.22.63 Under the Dome The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Everything's...